1" 50mm Factory Automation & Machine Vision Lens

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The Senko ADL VFA5095H FA/Machine Vision Lens has low distortion and a high resolution. The VFA5095H also comes with locking screws and a metal housing.

VFA5095H features include:

  • High resolution and high contrast
  • Minimum distortion.
  • Locking screw for focus and iris
  • Compact size and lightweight 
Type Manual Mono
Focal Length 50.0mm
F No. F0.95
Designed Image Format 1" (9.6 x 12.8mm)
Operation Range Iris F0.95 - 16
Focus 0.6m ~ infinity
Zoom --
Control Iris Manual
Focus Manual
Zoom --
  1" 2/3" 1/2" 1/3"
Object Size at MOD 140mm x 105mm 97mm x 72mm 70mm x 53mm 53mm x 40mm
Field of View D 18.2° 12.6° 9.1° 6.9°
H 14.6° 10.1° 7.3° 5.5°
V 11.0° 7.6° 5.5° 4.1°
Magnification at Minimum Object Distance -0.055
Mount C
Back Focus 25.62mm
Mechanical BF 13.5mm
Exit Pupil -101.77mm
FIlter Size M62.0 P=0.75
Aperture Front Ø53.0mm
Rear Ø32.5mm
Front Nodal Point 72.72mm
Back Nodal Point -24.38mm
FNP SNP Distance 33.52mm
Optical over all length 74.14mm
Entrance Pupil Position 47.39mm
Dimension Ø65 x 74.1mm
Weight 470g
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.