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Fujinon : H22X11.5B-S41

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22x Telephoto Zoom Lens

The Fujinon H22X11.5B S41 achieved telephoto at the field angle of 1 degree 27', best suited for long-distance monitoring such as disaster prevention (when used on 1/2" cameras). This lens contains multiple power supply (6V, /-6V, 12V, /-12V) supported, enabling the use of existing control systems.

This Fujinon H22X11.5BS41 had built-in potentiometer, supporting the preset-enabled specification. This lens is compatible with a wide range - 1/2", 2/3" and 1/3"-cameras.Built-in ND filter of T2000, supporting super sensitive cameras.

Zoom: Zoom lens with the high performance cam adopted, which offers high quality smooth movements.
Motor Drive: Enables the lens control from remote locations.
Wide Angle: Wide angle lens which ensures wide field of view.
Telephoto Long Focal: Telephoto lens with the ability to zoom.
Video Auto Iris: Auto iris supporting video-controlled cameras.
C Mount: Screw-in mounting commonly used in FA lenses.
Metal Mount: Metal mounting with high accuracy and durability.
ND Filter: With the built-in ND filter, enables to optimize the brightness of the bright object in direct sunlight.
Wide Aperture Rate (F1.6): Lens with the wide aperature rate, optimizing the sensitivity of cameras.
RoHS Compliant.

→ Day/Night for 24/7 Security
→ Digi Power RS-232 Compatible
→ Aspherical Technology for sharp optical performance
→ 3CCD Compatible with high performance capability
→ Broad focal Range for extreme flexibility
→ Fast F-Stops to enhance low light performance

Mount C
Focal length 17 mm - 374 mm (22x)
Focus Motor Drive
Iris Range F2.3 - T3000 (Equivalent to F3000)
Iris Auto (Video Type)
Zoom Motor Drive
Back Focal Distance (In Air) 67.38 mm
Exit Pupil Position (From Image Plane) -127 mm
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 1" = 2178 mm x 1633 mm (Wide), 99 mm x 74 mm (Tele); 2/3" = 1497 mm x 1123 mm (Wide), 68 mm x 51 mm (Tele); 1/2" = 1089 mm x 817 mm (Wide), 50 mm x 37 mm (Tele); 1/3" = 817 mm x 613 mm (Wide), 37 mm x 28 mm (Tele)
Angular Field of View 1" = 41°16' x 31°32' (Wide), 1°58' x 1°28' (Tele); 2/3" = 29°01' x 21°58' (Wide), 1°21' x 1°01' (Tele); 1/2" = 21°19' x 16°04' (Wide), 0°59' x 0°44' (Tele); 1/3" = 16°04' x 12°05' (Wide), 0°44' x 0°33' (Tele)
Focusing Range (From Front of the Lens) ∞ - 3 m
Filter Thread M82 x 0.75 mm
Mass 2.5 kg
Standard Accessories Iris Control Cable, Conversion Cable (6-pin to 4-pin), Connection Connector (4-pin, 6-pin)


* With Metal Mount


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