Design Control Room Solutions
Winsted: winsted-10679

Aurora LED Task Light, 18"

The WINSTED 10679 is a LED task light with VESA mount and an 18" flexible neck.

Winsted: winsted-10684

20 AMP - 11 Outlet Strip

The WINSTED 10684 is an outlet strip with lighted On/Off switch. This mounts to the back of any base/slope rack combination or vertical rack. Also mounts horizontally in all...

Winsted: winsted-10713

20 Outlet Power w/Mntg Brkts

The WINSTED 10713 is a power supply outlet with lighted On/Off switch. 10713 ounts to the back of any base/slope rack combination or vertical rack. Also mounts horizontally in all...

Winsted: winsted-30031

4U Rack Mount

The WINSTED 30031 is a 4U rack cabinet that easily mounts to the sloped or vertical Slat-Wall tiers providing convenient access to rack mounted equipment. Black textured powder...

Winsted: winsted-30174-30176

Articulating Arm Slatwall Mnt

The Winsted 30174 & 30176 articulating arm monitor mounts feature adjustable tension at pivot points for customized control suitable for touchscreen use. Designed for 10→...

Winsted: winsted-56030-w5661

4U/6U Rack Turret

The Winsted 56030 and W5661 Rack mount turrets mount easily to the chase and keep electronics within reach.  56030 has a 45 degree slope while the...

Winsted: winsted-56088-56087

Door mount file storage bin and shelf

The WINSTED 56088 and 56087 provides convenient swing-out access to files and/or CPU.


*Must be used with 56302 door, or the wood doors. Doors sold...

Winsted: winsted-58176

Adjustable Height Mount,Slatwall

The Winsted WINSTED 58176 is an adjustable height Slat-Wall
Monitor Mount.

Winsted: winsted-b3047

84" Envision Cnsl 2-Tier 2 Slt

The WINSTED B3047 is a 84" preconfigured envision console with double tier.


Winsted: winsted-b3055

Large LCD Mount for Envision

Heavy-Duty construction on this Winsted B3055 provides a low-profile mounting solution for 32→-52→ monitors. Mount allows 0-12° of tilt and has a weight capacity...

Winsted: winsted-b3062

3 Operator Work Station (POD)

The WINSTED B3062 is a three position envision console that comes complete with six pivot/tilt monitor mounts and three radial credenzas for ample

Winsted: winsted-b3063

Envision Work Station

The WINSTED B3063 is Dual-Wing EnVision Console featuring a single-tier center section for open monitor wall viewing. Comes complete with nine pivot/tilt monitor

Winsted: winsted-b3064

Envision Work Station

The WINSTED B3064 is an EnVision Corner Console that comes complete with two 4U rack cabinets, three task lights, six articulating monitor arms and eight pivot/tilt monitor...

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.