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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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MML SOD Series
The SOD-10X of the MML SOD Series is the first telecentric machine vision lens that we introduced with the resolution to rival microscope objectives. The long WD and high NA have made it indispensable for high magnification alignment & inspection applications of 10x or greater.

Moritex SOD 10X high performance rear converters allow for magnifications of 15x & 20x to be achieved without changing the working distance allowing microscope type performance in a relatively compact package.

The SOD10X has a high NA (0.23) and high resolution (1.5um), but has a slightly smaller working distance of 55mm. SOD stands for 'super optical device' and the 10X of course refers to the lens' magnification.

10x optical magnification
Capable of 15x and 20x with rear converter lenses
Compact integrated design
WD 55.2mm
Resolution 1.5 µm
Depth Of Field 17µm
NA .23
Effective F No 22
TV Distortion 0.01%
Largest Compatible CCD 2/3"
Weight 500g
Mount C Mount
Product Code A-0174

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