By: Hitachi
Industrial Video System & Broadcast
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Compact Chassis CCTV Camera, PAL EOL 2014

The Hitachi VK-U114ER 120x Chassis Camera is a compact security camera solutions making it ideal for medical.

The VK U114ER are compact chassis-type CCTV cameras designed for easy integration into various video applications.
Discontinued 2014

→ 1/4-Inch Color CCD
→ 440,000 pixels
→ 460 TV Lines
→ RoHS-Compliant
→ High Durability Built-In X10 Optical Power Zoom Lens with Auto Focus/Auto Iris
→ AI/Fuzzy Picture Control with Advanced DSP (AI Auto Iris/AI Auto White Balance)
→ Remote Control through RS-232C
→ 2H Vertical Enhancer
→ Internal/External Sync. (AC-Line Pulse Signal)

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