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Progressive Scan CCD Camera Link Camera
The Hitachi HVF202SCL is an UXGA high precision 3CCD progressive scan color camera, which has single chip digital processing LSI, a C mount prism, three 1/1.8-inch 2,000,000 pixels square CCDs. Our original digital image signal processing technology performs the high picture quality signal processing and the picture compensating functions, beyond the capability of the other conventional analog cameras. More ever, high frame rate 30 FPS(s) can be transmitted by miniCameraLink interface, which is of digital camera standards for FA. The two connector arrangement is considered so that the collision of cable does not occur at the time of Meidum Configuration connection which enrich the pixel gradation expression.

The HV F202SCL 1/1.8-inch 2,000,000 pixels square lattice progressive scan CCD and the dichroic prism for RGB color achieve a high resolution of UXGA (1600(H) x 1200(V)) picture and good color reproduction. The new designed camera has small SDR connector for digital output. Therefore, the camera has the realization of small-sized shape of 55 (W) x 55 (H) x 89 (D) mm. It is based on the industrial camera interface standard of AIA ( Automated Image Association) leadership. It is advantageous to the field, where high frame rate is needed without losing camera performance, since the transmission speed of pixel clock can be maintained by full screen output. The SDR connector called mini CameraLink is adopted and two connectors are equipped in a small case. Additionally, when using with L type connection, it is arranged as cable collision does not occur. IIt supports Meidum Configuration connection which enables the rich gradation expression of each color of 10 bit or 12 bit. The de facto industry standard C mount lens adapter allows choosing from a various type of lenses and optical systems. Color shading due to the aberration of C mount lens is automatically compensated (reduced).

Imaging device (sensor type) 1/1.8-inch progressive scan interline CCD (x 3 sensor)
Indication lens category 1/1.8 inch
Effective pixels (Active area) 1600 (H) x 1200 (V) (x 3 sensor for RGB)
Pixel size 4.4 μm square lattice
Scanning area (Pixel area) 7.04mm (H) x 5.28mm (V), Diagonal 8.80mm (1/1.8 inch)
Readout type, Transfer type progressive scan, Interline transfer
Scanning mode full pixel sequential scan
Optical system 1/1.8-inch F1.8 prism with IR cut filter.
Lens mount C mount: Mount surface projection less than 4.0mm
Flange focal distance 17.526 mm (Air conversion)
Sensitivity 2000 lx, F5.6, light source halogen lamp temp.: 3200K; Shutter: 1/30s, Gain 0dB
Minimum illumination 12 lx, Video Level 50%, Gamma = 0.45; F1.8, Shutter : 1/30s, Gain 12dB
Gamma 0.45 / 1.0 / LUT (Look Up Table : user customizable)
Gain Manual: 0 to 12 dB / AGC : 0 to 12 dB (with limit setting)
White balance Manual / One-push Auto / Continuance Auto
Video output CameraLink Version 1.13 standard; Base configuration ( only D.OUT 1 ); Medium configuration ( using D.OUT 1 with D.OUT 2 ); Control : Original
Video output format Base configuration 24bit (R:8bit, G:8bit, B:8bit)
Quantization level information Maximum data : 255 (8bit), 1023 (10bit), 4095 (12bit); Video 100% white: 255 (8bit), 1023 (10bit), 4095 (12bit); Video 0% black: 0, Minimum data : 0
Electric shutter speed OFF / Auto (AES) / Manual (VARIABLE)
Variable shutter mode Exposure time : approx. 1/100,000 to 1/30 second
AES mode Exposure time : approx. 1/100,000 to 1/29.95(shutter OFF) second
Long time integration mode Exposure time : approx. 1/30 to 10 seconds in 1 frame steps
Sync system Internal / VD external
Frame on demand mode - Input mode (A) Fixed shutter mode: adjustable for polarity and delay; (B) ONE trigger mode: adjustable for polarity and delay; (C) VD reset mode : negative, frequency Approx. 29.95Hz
Trigger input CameraLink (CC1) or DCIN/SYNC connector
Input level 5Vp-p ± 0.5V
Output strobe signal
VD output negative, frequency Approx. 29.95Hz
Synchronous output DCIN/SYNC connector
Output level 5Vp-p
Registration Full screen 0.05% (not including lens response)
Vertical contour correction 2H
Sharpness (DTL) Level, WIDTH
Color masking OFF / ON (6 color independent masking)
Paint black Adjustable
Black level Adjustable
Knee Adjustable (Knee point and Knee slope)
Power supply DC 12V ± 1V (input from DC IN / SYNC connector)
Current consumption DC 12V Approx. 600mA (Approx. 7.2W)
Ambient temperature (without dew condensation)
Performance 0 to 40℃ ( 32 to 104 F), less than 90 % RH
Operation -10 to 40℃ ( 14 to 104 F), less than 90 % RH
Storage -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140 F), less than 70 % RH
External dimensions 55(W) x 55(H) x 89(D) mm (not including protrusions)
Mass Approx. 350g (without lens)

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