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8mm 1" Megapixel SWIR

The Kowa 1" Megapixel Lens Series LM8HC SW incorporates Kowa's special coating technology, the 1" HC-CW series will maintain high transmission from 800nm to 2000nm. The LM8HCSW is designed for Near Infrared and Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) applications.

Focal length f=8mm
Image Size 1" (dia. 16)
Iris range (F-stop) F1.4~F16
Focusing range (m) 0.1~infinity
Control Iris Manual
Control Focus Manual
Angle of view (degree) 1/3" = 79.7x63.0; 2/3" = 58.3x44.7; 1/2" = 43.4x32.9
Resolution (center, corner) 120 Ip/mm, 80 Ip/m
Distortion (TV) -1.2%
Back focus 11.2mm in air
Mount c-mount
Filter screw size M55x0.75
Temperature range -10~ 45°C
Weight 200 g


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