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Near-Infrared Monochrome CCD Camera

The Hitachi KPM3RN is a 1/3 inch CCD monochrome camera that is useful into the near infrared spectrum. Peak sensitivity of the camera occurs at 640 nanometers compared with a conventional camera whose peak sensitivity occurs at 510 nanometers.

Useful sensitivity of the KP M3RN extends above 900 nanometers, making it useful for applications ranging from microscopy to image processing systems. A high horizontal resolution of 570 TV lines and a S/N of 56 db provide detailed images with low noise, in a compact rugged package. Standard features include a multiple step electronic shutter, internal or external synchronization, field or frame integration mode, and a field-on-demand function. Using the field-on-demand feature the timing and length of an exposure can be accurately controlled. The field-on-demand can function in the one trigger, two trigger, fixed shutter, and external shutter modes of operation, allowing easy integration into machine vision systems.

KPM3RN features include:

  • 1/3 inch Format Near Infrared Camera
  • Spectral Response extends beyond 900 nanometers
  • 570 TV lines of Resolution
  • Field-on-Demand Mode
  • Frame or Field Integration
  • Internal or External Sync Modes
Imager 1/3 inch Interline transfer CCD
Sensing Area 4.8 x 3.6 mm
Pixels 768x494
Cell Size 6.35 x 7.4
Resolution 570 TV lines
Sensitivity 200Lux f4.0 3200K
Minimum Illumination 0.3 lux at f1.4
S/N 56 db
Gamma 0.45 or 1.0 selectable
Integration Field or Frame Selection
AGC On / Off
Shutter 1/60 - 1/10000
Sync Internal / External HD / VD drive
Output RS-170 1.0 V p-p
Power 12 volts DC 180ma
Size ( W x H x D ) 44 x 29 x 72 mm
Weight 120 grams
Lens C-Mount


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