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Ultra 720 TVL, Indoor, 3-Axis 12VDC Mini Dome EOL 2015

This item is EOL 2015, see replacement

The Ultra ED700 series boasts cameras that are 720 TVL. Many offer True Day/Night with DWDR (Digital Wide-Dynamic Range) and OSD (On Screen Display) menu which provides a whole range of additional features and configurations to give you the best possible image! The Everfocus Ultra Series ED700 utilizes the Sony ExView HAD II 960H CCD to produce in excess of 720 horizontal TV lines of resolution. The resolution delivered by this advanced imaging technology will amaze you. Combine this with digital day/night, a native low light sensitivity of 0.05 lux, back light compensation (BLC) and highlight compensation (HLC) in a 3-Axis wall or ceiling mount indoor plastic housing and you have a cost effective camera that fits a wide variety of indoor applications.

The ED700 indoor dome camera features automatic day/night. This day/night security camera is a camera that has the capability of automatically switching between day and night modes. A standard day/night surveillance camera records in color during the day and uses software to filter out unwanted infrared light. At night, the ED700 switches to black and white and stops filtering out the infrared light. This allows you to use infrared illuminators to provide additional illumination in areas that are dark at night.

Another great feature of the ED700 is 2-D Noise reduction. DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) is the removal of unwanted artifacts in video material. Noise reduction works predominantly by comparing one frame to the next and then removing specks that are not the same in each frame.

The ED700 comes with a 3.6mm fixed lens (other focal lengths available) that covers a field of view 67° wide. With low 12VDC current draw, this is the package of price, performance and camera feature set that you have been waiting for. This camera produces astounding image clarity for a wide range of low light applications.

→ Ultra resolution of over 720 horizontal TV lines for astounding image quality
→ Exview HAD II sensor delivers exceptional low light sensitivity of .05 lux
→ Back Light Compensation (BLC)
→ Highlight Compensation (HLC) handle unbalanced illumination in the field of view
→ Provides 2D-Noise Reduction to improve picture clarity while enabling DVRs to improve disk storage
→ Astounding image clarity from the 3.6mm fixed lens
→ Indoor 3-Axis plastic housing allows wide range of mounting flexibility
→ Low current draw of only 110mA@ 12VDC (regulated supply required)

→ Automatic Day/Night excellent low light sensitivity (switching from color to B/W at low levels of ambient light)


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