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Fujinon : YV28X28SA-2

By: Fujinon
Optics for Medical, Security, Industrial & Motion Picture
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3-Megapixel Security Lens
The Fujinon YV28X28SA 2 3-Megapixel Security Lens comes with an exit pupil position (from image plane) of 314mm and a back focal distance (in air) of 7.70mm.

The Fujinon YV28X28SA2 features a manual operation for zoom, focus, and iris.

Vari-Focal: Variable magnification lens with manually controllable angle. It functions as if you have multiple fixed focal lenses.
Wide Angle: Wide angle lens which ensures wide field of view.
For Megapixel Camera (3 Megapixel): High performance lens to achieve the optimum resolution of mega pixel camera.
Manual Iris: Manually-operated iris.
CS Mount: Screw-in mounting commonly used in security lenses.
Metal Mount: Metal mounting with high accuracy and durability.
Aspherical Lens: Adopts the aspheric lens technologies developed in the most advanced lenses for broadcasting.
Wide Aperture Rate (F1.2): Lens with the wide aperature rate, optimizing the sensitivity of cameras.

Ultra High Resolution
Broad Focal Range for extreme flexibility
Compact Size to fit into smaller applications
Meta Mounts for rugged & durable requirements
Locking Screws to ensure constant focus
High image-quality monitoring with optical performance supporting 3 megapixels.
Wide 2.8mm, achieving a horizontal field angle of 100 degrees (when used on 1/3 cameras).
Compact and lightweight design, best suited for use with dome cameras.
Designed to maximize optical performance with high-accuracy aspheric lens, low-dispersion glass, and high refractive-index glass.

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