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1/2" 13-130mm 10X Close-up Manual Zoom, Manual Iris (C-Mount)

The Computar MLH10X Lens has a Focal Length of 13-130mm, 10X Zoom,and 1/2" Format. The MLH 10X Manual Zoom Lens provides manual adjustment of focal length, iris and focus. For use where a variable angle of view is required. Main applications for this lens include inspection, machine vision and robotics.

Max.Magnification 0.084mm - 0.84mm
Max.Aperture Ratio 1:5.6
Max.Image Format 6.4mm x 4.8mm
Operation Range Iris = F5.6 - F32C
Focus 0.15m - 0.45m
Control Iris = Manual; Focus = Manual; Zoom = Manual
Object Size(1/2 type CCD) (Working Distance) 152.4mm(6") = 92.2mm - 9.6mm(D), 74.6mm - 7.8mm(H), 56.4mm - 5.9mm(V); 457.2mm(18") = 349.4mm - 34.6mm(D), 279.2mm - 28.0mm(H), 208.8mm - 21.2mm(V)
Angle of View D = 21.6 - 4.5; H = 18.0 - 3.6; V = 13.8 - 2.7
Operating Temperature -20C - 50C
Effective Lens Aperture Front = 30mm; Rear = 6.6mm
Back Focal Length 23.29mm
Distortion 0.3X Tele 0.02%(y=5.5); 1.0X wide 1.78%(y=5.5)
Flange Back Length 17.526mm
Mount C-Mount
Filter Size M46 P=0.75mm
Dimensions 48mm x 98.5mm
Weight 260g


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