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High Performance Machine Vision Optics
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ML-L Series Optimal Lens
The Moritex ML-L09 of the ML-L Series are optimal lenses for high speed processing of large fields of view with sensors of up to 35mm in length. Typically used with 2k or 4k cameras, these lenses have low TV distortion of less than 0.1%.

These ML L09 also perform well because of low marginal rays variance. High resolution and high contrast imaging can be achieved while maintaining long working distances.

Optimal for high speed processing of large fields of view.
Low marginal rays difference
High resolution, high contrast
Suitable for long working distance applications
Focal Distance 104mm
Magnification 0.933x
WD 158.5mm
Effective F No 7.7 - 37
TV Distrortion 0.1%
Weight 800g
Image Format 35mm
Mount Mout Adapter MT

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