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Industrial Vision Cameras
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CCD-Camera For X-Ray Imaging
Especially for radiological applications Kappa opto-electronics has developed the high resolution CCD camera series HiRes2-XR(S). It marks a major advance in contrast to conventional video CCD cameras and pick-up devices. This camera series offers the latest technology. The fully digital design meets the demands of high-end X-ray applications. A special modular design with miniaturized components allows an optimized integration into the X-ray processing chain. In connection with X-ray optics the camera can be adapted easily to an image intensifier. The family comes with reduced power consumption.

With specific know-how Kappa develops and manufactures rugged cameras for extreme environmental conditions. These environments require thorough resistance to mechanical, climatic and electromagnetic stress, and to surrounding matter and environmental impacts. The extraordinary adaptability, superior durability and outstanding signal quality of our cameras provide the decisive advantage for our customers with certifications according to EN 9100 aviation, MIL-Standards, DO-160 etc. Our particular strength lies combining our competency in industrial production with our ability to understand specific application contexts. This lets us work together with our clients to develop the best solution, and to produce it reliably, efficiently, and with quality assured – be it for 20 or 2000 at a time.
Progressive Scan CCD
30 frames per second
12 bit real time signal processing (DSP)
Number of picture elements 1000 (H) x 1000 (V)

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