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Industrial Vision Cameras
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Night Vision System 24/7 Surveillance Day/Night Camera

The NVS is a professional high-end camera system that features 12 bit digital signal processing, high resolution and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. Another advantage of the camera is its DRE feature (Dynamic Range Enhancement), which provides a clearer view in fog, haze, smoke or rain.

Designed as a system, the NVS comes with an automatically controlled lens, enabling it to operate around the clock, in pitch darkness as well as in bright sunlight. The integrated infrared LED ring light uses non-visible light waves (940 nm; zero lux). The anodized black housing is small and inconspicuous.

The Kappa NVS achieved is sensitivity to light through the innovative Kappa circuit arrangement in combination with Sonys Exview CCD sensor.The system is designed for sophisticated surveillance tasks and as an optical aid (for general orientation or while reversing) in vehicles for special purposes such as hazardous materials transporters or ambulances. A demo film says more than a thousends words.

With specific know-how Kappa develops and manufactures rugged cameras for extreme environmental conditions. These environments require thorough resistance to mechanical, climatic and electromagnetic stress, and to surrounding matter and environmental impacts. The extraordinary adaptability, superior durability and outstanding signal quality of our cameras provide the decisive advantage for our customers with certifications according to EN 9100 aviation, MIL-Standards, DO-160 etc. Our particular strength lies combining our competency in industrial production with our ability to understand specific application contexts. This lets us work together with our clients to develop the best solution, and to produce it reliably, efficiently, and with quality assured - be it for 20 or 2000 at a time.

Type 1/2" interline tranfer CCD*
Video norm CCIR; EIA
Area 6.4 x 4.8 mm, 752 x 582 pixel, 6.4 x 4.8 mm, 768 x 494 pixel
System 12 Bit DSP
Signal/noise ratio >58 dB (measured in a dark image at 20 ms integration, field integration and 0 dB amplification)
Sensitivity (3000 K, 20 ms integration, field integration, Gamma = 1 and 50 % video level without IR filter) 0.01 lux at 14 dB, 0.00047 lux at max. gain
Resolution 740 lines (horizontal)
Signal outputs monochrome vide, 1 V / 75 Ω
Short integration 1/50 to 1//100 000 s automatic [AIT], 1/50 s fix; 1/60 to 1/100 000 s automatic [AIT], 1/60 s fix
Gain 0,45 / 1, switchable
Gamma 0.45 / 1, switchable
DRE Dynamic contrast adaptation (adjustable via RS 232)
LG Line generator for two reticles, (adjustable via RS 232)
Synchornization internal/external, Reset/Restart
RS 232 AIT, AGC, Gamma etc. (additional accessories required, see "Optional")
Power supply 9-36 VDC, 2 W (12-36 VDC with CF 8 HSX with video controlled iris
Connections Kappa CSI (Camera System Interface)
Operating temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Relative humidity 10 % to 90 %, non-condensing
Housing IP 67, aluminum, black anodizing
Housing dimension 66 0 x 128 mm
Housing dimensions 67 x 50 x 40 [mm]
Weight CF 8/5 (MX, NIR): approx. 170 g
Standard equipment camera, operating manual


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