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Schneider Optics : 21-1071606

By: Schneider Optics
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XENON-EMERALD 2.8/28MM "L" Xenon-Emerald F-Mount Lens

The Schneider Optics 21-1071606 Xenon-Emerald Lens (f2.8 / 28mm) is a low-distortion lens with an image circle diameter of 43.2mm. It is designed for close up range or infinity and optimized for a uniform image quality over the whole sensor area. It features a compact design with a robust construction, and its distance and aperture are lockable. The 400-1000 nm broadband coating makes this lens suitable for applications in the visible and the near infrared spectrum.

21-1071606 features include:

  • Robust mechanics for rough industrial environment
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Focus and iris setting lockable
  • High resolution optics 400 - 700 nm (VIS) / 700 - 1000 nm (NIR)
  • Corrected for close up range
  • Constant MTF over the entire image field
  • Applications
  • Machine vision and other imaging applications
  • Quality control
  • Web inspection
  • Surface inspection
  • Line scan applications
F Number 2.8
Focal Length 28.6 mm
Image Circle 43.2 mm
Transmission 400 - 1000 nm
Interface F-Mount
Weight 18.41 oz (522 g)

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