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XGA Color Version GigE Camera

The JAI CB-080GE is a Bayer mosaic color progressive scan camera with 0.8 million pixels resolution and GigE Vision interface.

The camera utilizes the Sony ICX204CCD to output 30 full frames/second in continuous (free-run) mode. Higher frame rates can be achieved by using the Partial Scan or Vertical binning modes.

The unique sequencer function makes it possible to change exposure time, gain and ROI on the fly.

And the CB-080GE programmable GPIO allows flexible configuration of inputs/outputs as well as the timer/counter function.

→ C3 Compact series
→ 1/3" Bayer mosaic color progressive scan camera
→ 1024 (h) x 768 (v) active pixels
→ 4.65μm square pixels
→ 30 frames/second with full resolution
→ Partial scan and vertical binning
→ Unique sequencer function
→ Programmable GPIO
→ GigE Vision interface

Sensor 1/3" progressive scan CCD
Pixel Clock 33.75 MHz
Frame rate full frame 30 frames/second
Active area 4.85 (h) x 3.66 (v) mm
Cell size 4.65 (h) x 4.65 (v) micro m
Color (CB-080 GE) Raw Bayer output, host-based interpolation
Active pixels 1032 (h) x 778 (v)
Read-out modes, Full 1032 (h) x 778 (v) 30.08 fps
Read-out modes, 1/2 partial scan 1032 (h) x 390 (v) 47.82 fps
Read-out modes, 1/4 partial scan 1032 (h) x 194 (v) 68.10 fps
Read-out modes, 1/8 partial scan 1032 (h) x 98 (v) 85.80 fps
Read-out modes, 2/3 partial scan 1032 (h) x 518 (v) 40.08 fps
Read-out modes, Vertical binning 1032 (h) x 389 (v) 49.14 fps**Note: Vertical binning is for CM-080 GE only
Read-out modes, Region-of-interest (ROI) User Definable. Memory read-out 
Sensitivity 1.7 Lux (On sensor, max. gain,
S/N ratio shutter off, 50% video)
Video output GigE Vision, 8-bit or 10-bit
Auto-iris lens video output 0.7 Vp-p, enabled by internal switch 
Gain Manual-3dB to 24 dB
Synchronization Internal X-tal, External hardware trigger via GPIO; Software trigger via GigE Vision
GPIO Module, Input/output switch Configurable 14-in/9-out switch (LUT)
GPIO Module, Clock generator (one) 12-bit counter based on 25MHz clock or Pixel Clock
GPIO Module, Pulse generators (four) 20-bit counters programmable for length, start point, end point, repeat
Hardware trigger modes Continuous, Pre-Select, Pulse Width, Frame delay, Sequence (Gain, Shutter, ROI)
Electronic shutter, Pre-set shutter 1/30 to 1/10,000 in 9 steps
Electronic shutter, Programmable exposure 2L(84.148 micro s ) to 790L (33.238ms) in 1L steps
Electronic shutter, Exposure Time (Abs) micro sec - user definable. Same range as PE
Electronic shutter, Pulse Width max. 2 sec. (can be set by 100 micro s unit or Pixel Clock unit)
Control interface Register based GigE Vision/GenICam compliant 
Functions controlled via GigE Vision interface Shutter, Gain, Black level, Trigger mode, Readout mode, GPIO setup, ROI (GenICam mandatory functions) 
GigE Vision streaming control Packet size (1428 to 4040bytes), Delayed (frame) readout, Inter-packet delay,
Indicators on rear panel Power / Hardware trigger, GigE link, GigE activity
Operating Temperature -5°C to 45°C
Humidity (operation) 20 - 85% non-condensing
Storage temp./humidity -25°C to 60°C / 20 to 85%
Vibration 10G (20Hz to 200 Hz XYZ)
Shock 70G
Regulations CE (EN 61000-6-2, EN-61000-6-3), FCC part 15 class B, RoHS/WEEE
Power 12V DC /-10%. 3.6W
Lens mount C-mount
Dimensions (H x W x L) 29 x 44 x 75 mm
Weight 125 g


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.