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VS-Technology : VS-L3528LM/F

By: VS-Technology
Industrial, Machine Vision Lenses
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1795.2(0.02x)~289.0(0.12x) VS-L(F) Series F-mount Macro Linse Sensor Lens

The VS Technology VS-L3528LM/F is a Line Scan Lens with respect to low magnification lenses, the use of helicoid helps easy adjustment of a wide range of lenses from super wide angle type with 18mm of focal length to super telescopic type with 185mm of focal length. With respect to the high magnification lenses, the adoption of ring locks strengthens the lenses' anti-vibration property. All models are designed with low light distortion property giving very high light throughput result.

VS-L3528LM/F features include:

→ Wide Angle f18mm ~ Narrow Angle f185mm
→ Variety 17model
→ High peripheral illuminance
→ Distortionless
→ M42-mount available as semi-customized

Focal Length (f) 35mm(36.24)
Optical mag. Range (∞) x 0.02~x0.12
Optical mag. x0.02 | x0.04 | x0.08 | x0.12
WD 1795.2mm | 890.0mm | 438.5mm | 289.0mm
O/I (Object & Imager distance) 1911.2mm | 1006.0mm | 554.5mm | 405.0mm
Aperture 2.8~16
Working F/# Value at Iris Open 2.87 | 2.92 | 3.04 | 3.15
DOF at PCoC Ø0.04mm 574mm | 146mm | 38mm | 17.5mm
TV Distortion (max.) -0.19%
Operation of Iris & Focus Manual (Lock screw M2)
Wavelength Visible (400nm - 700nm)
Mount F-mount
Flange back 46.5mm
Image Circle Ø 45
Filter thread M62 P=0.75
Weight (approx.) 390g
Dimension Ø64.5 (MAX) x L = 69.5mm
Front principle point 45.79mm
FPP RPP distance 26.21mm
Optical over all length 61.93mm
Back focus 46.31mm(in air) (∞)


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