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Outdoor Pendant Housing-Clear (IK-DP30A)

The Toshiba JK-PHO Outdoor Pendant Housing with Clear Lower Dome is designed to house and protect a single fixed camera. It is compatible with the IK-DP01A and IK-DP02A color PTZ dome cameras, and features a 24V AC input connection for powering the camera.

JK-PHO features include:

  • Designed to house and protect a single fixed camera
  • Compatible with IK-DP01A and IK-DP02A color PTZ dome cameras
  • 24V AC input connection
  • Durable engineered plastic top
  • Quick-connect pendant mount assembly
  • Protects your cameras from harmful UV light
  • Cell-cast acrylic clear bubble - offers maximum visibility to the housed camera
  • O-ring seal
  • IP66-rated - protects the housed camera from dust and water
  • Pendant mount bracket made of cast and machined aluminum
  • Heater activates at 40°F (4.44°C) and deactivates at 60°F (15.55°C)
  • Includes a fan for cooling the camera in hot conditions
  • Operation under 100% humidity conditions

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