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Sentech : STC-SC152POEHS

By: Sentech
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34 fps, 1.4MP, Color GigE camera, w/ IR cut filter, w/ POE

The STC-SC152POEHS is part of Sentech's Brand New Power over Ethernet High Speed GigE camera series. It features a 1/2" color SXGA sensor, 34fps and communication over a 6 pin Hirose or Ethernet connector. The STC-SC152POEHS boasts a compact 35(w) x 35(H) x 55.9 (D) mm size, a user-programmable Area of Interest (AOI) and a Gamma Table that can be imported. This camera meets all industry standards for GigE Vision® and GenICam™, and is compatible with all standard industry drivers. The GigE PoEHS series is available now at an extremely low cost.

STC-SC152POEHS features include:

  • User Programmable AOI
  • High Speed Power Over Ethernet
  • 1.3 Megapixel Resolution with 34 fps


1/2” interline SXGA color progressive CCD: ICX267AK

Total Picture Element

1434 (H) x 1050 (V)

Active Picture Element

SXGA: 1360 (H) x 1040 (V)

Chip Size

7.6 (H) x 6.2 (V) mm

Cell Size

4.65 (H) x 4.65 (V) um

Scanning System


Vertical Frequency

34.23358 Hz at full resolution; 0.55789 to 139.93433 Hz changeable via the communication; Maximum frame rate is dependent on the AOI setting; Maximum frame rate of the camera (139.93433 Hz) is 104 vertical resolution AOI setting.

Horizontal Frequency

34.0860 Hz

Pixel Frequency

65.453333 MHz

Noise Level


- @ 8Bit Output

<= 3 Digit (Gain 0 dB)

- @ 10Bit Output

<= 12 Digit (Gain 0 dB)

- @ 12Bit Output

<= 48 Digit (gain 0 dB)

Minimum Scene Illumination

16.3 Lux at F1.2, 34.23358 Hz

Sync System


Video Output

Digital 8 ,10 or 12 bit Raw Data or RGB 8 bit


PoE: IEEE802.3af CLASS3 (1000BASE-T)


GigE Vision 1.2 and GeniCam 2.0 compliant

Exposure Time

Preset continuous mode: 10 seconds to 16,777,216 seconds; Preset trigger mode: 10 seconds to 16,777,216 seconds; Pulse width mode: 10 seconds to Unlimited.


Electronic iris and AGC (ON/OFF)


0 to 18.309 dB


Gamma 1.0 (Factory default) or downloadable gamma table

AOI (Area of Interest) Function

Programmable AOI setting via the communication

Smear Reduction

Selectable ON/OFF via the communication

Color Interpolation

Available on RGB output

White Balance

Auto, Manual, and push to set white balance is available on both Raw Data output and RGB output.

Trigger Mode

Edge preset trigger, pulse width trigger (unlimited exposure time)


UART communication through Ethernet Port


One opt isolated input and two open collector outputs



- Input Voltage

+10.8 to +26.4Vdc through power/IO connector or Power Over Ethernet; (Auto detection with power/IO connector prioritized)

- Consumption

12V: 3.5W / 3.2W, PoE: 3.7W / 3.5W


35 (W) x 35 (H) x 57.3 (D) mm excluding connectors

Optical Filter

IR cut filter on

Optical Center Accuracy

Positional accuracy in H and V directions: +/- 0.3 mm; Rotational accuracy of H and V: +/- 1.5 deg.


Aluminum (AC)

Lens Mount

C Mount


RJ45 connector; Power/IO connector: HR10A-10R-6PB (Hirose) or equivalent

Camera Mount Screws

Two ¼” Tripod screw holes (one each on top and bottom plate); Twelve M4 screw holes (four each on top, bottom, and two each on both side plates)


Approx. 130

Operating Temperature


- Minimum

Environmental Temperature: -5 deg. C

- Maximum

Camera housing temperature (top plate) shall not exceed 65 deg. C (This corresponds to an environmental temperature of approximately 40 deg. C)

Storage Temperature

Environmental Temperature: -30 to 65 deg. C


20Hz to 200Hz to 20Hz (5min/cycle), acceleration 10G, 3 directions 30 min. each


Acceleration 38G, half amplitude 6ms, 3 directions, 3 times each

Standard Compliancy

EMS: EN61000-6-2, EMI: EN55011


RoHS compliant

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.