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Schneider Optics : 21-1056472

By: Schneider Optics
Machine Vision Optics Lenses and Filters
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APO-Xenoplan 2.0/20mm Standard Lens

The Schneider Optics 21-1056472 is ideal for high-resolution 3D metrology and traffic technology using 1.3" CCD cameras. This high resolution lens is optimized for the widely used 4 megapixel CCDs with micro-lenses on the sensor surface. The special optical design prevents unwanted shading on the sensor, thereby facilitating extremely homogeneous brightness distribution combined with high imaging performance. At 24mm, the image circle is very large for a C-Mount lens.


Available Configurations Include:

27-1992020  APO-Xenoplan 2.0/20mm Ruggedized

21-1056472 features include:

  • Anti-shading for sensor sizes up to 1.3" (24mm image circle)
  • Designed for 4 and 8Mp sensors with micro-lenses
  • High-resolution optics 400 to 700 nm (VIS) / 700 to 1000 nm (NIR)
  • High MTF across the entire sensor
  • Robust mechanics for industrial environment
  • Compact and lightweight (450g)
  • Lockable focus and iris setting
  • Advanced optical design and numerical aperture of f/2.0 helps produce images with even light distribution
  • Suitable for applications such as machine vision, imaging, 3D measurement, and traffic supervision
F-Number (f) 2.0
Focal Length 20.5 mm
Image Image Circle: 24 mm
Transmission 400 to 1000 nm
Mount Type C-mount
Weight 15.8 oz (450 g)

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