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Analog Thermal Positioning System Camera 50mm IP66

The ivory SCU-9080 Thermal Positioning System from Samsung integrates a high technology thermal imaging camera with a precision, high-speed positioning system. It delivers thermal video at 320 x 240-pixel resolution with a pixel size of 23.5μm. The SCU-9080 system does not rely on light to capture images. Instead, it displays heat variances, allowing it to effectively detect people and objects up to 0.7mi away, even in extreme conditions such as complete darkness, fog, smoke, and snow.

The SCU-9080 Thermal Positioning System is suitable for use for a range of security, safety, and industrial applications such as perimeter protection, wide area surveillance, and for checking hot-spots in machinery, equipment, and buildings. Critically, once you set a certain temperature level, the SCU-9080 system alarms when it detects that temperature level has been breached. In addition to the imaging capability, this system offers a continuous 360° rotation and an extended -85 to +40° tilt operation with full weatherproof IP66-rated protection.

SCU-9080 features include:

  • Supports RS-422/485 communications and coaxial communication (Pelco-C)
  • RS-422/485 (10 species): Samsung-T, Samsung-E, Pelco (D/P), Panasonic, Honeywell, AD, Vicon, GE, Bosch
  • Coaxial Communication: Pelco coaxitron
  • PTZ Trace: You can save and replay the patterns operated with joystick
  • Swing: This function commands the camera to move between 2 selected locations, monitoring the route
  • Group Search: Maximum 255 preset positions are toured in orderCamera IDs, camera preset numbers, preset names, area names, and camera operation status are displayed on the monitor, allowing setup of various camera functions through the OSD menu screen
  • Up to 255 preset positions can be set
  • Using this function saves and brings up the camera feed of a selected monitoring location
  • Outstanding 0.7mi detection without lighting
  • Minimum discernable temperature of 32.1°F
  • Built-in 50mm, 0.47 mrad. color pattern
  • IP66, Pelco-C (Coaxitron), RS-485/422, 24VAC
Imaging Device 320 x 240 Uncooled VOX Microbolometer
Sensor Pitch 23.5 μm
Measured Wavelength Range 8 to 14 μm, LWIR
Video Ratio (Sensor) 30 fps
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) 80 mK at F1.0
Video Output CVBS: 1.0 Vpp / 75 Ω composite

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