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Morovision : ITTM-269462-15

By: Morovision
Night Vision Thermal Imaging
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ITT Generation 3 PINNACLE Dual Tube Night-Vision Binocular

The Morovision ITTM-269462-15 ITT Exelis Generation 3 PINNACLE Dual Tube Night-Vision Binocular is suitable for both ground- based and sea-based applications. This device has a rugged design that allows increased depth perception for activities such as off-road driving and high-speed navigation at sea.

This Dual Tube Night Vision Binocular has aviation standard optics. With this device, each eye views a clear and unique image. The F5050SLG binocular includes a powerful IR illuminator with wide or narrow beam capability. It can be handheld or head-mounted. When helmet mounted, this binocular is powered by a rear-mounted battery pack that contains 2 pairs of AA batteries for extended operational endurance.


Available Configurations Include:

ITTM-269462-12 ITT Exelis F5050YG (AN/PVS-23) Binocular Night Vision Goggle, Ground Gen 3 Pinnacle Includes: Low Profile Battery Pack, Soft Carry Case, Battery, (2) Demist Shields,  (2) Eyecups, (2) Sacrificial Windows, Lens Paper, Retainer Cord and Operator's Manual...

ITTM-269462-15 features include:

  • ITT Exelis PINNACLE Image Intensifier Tube: Thin-filmed/auto-gated
  • High resolution of 64 lp/mm (minimum), high gain, and high photo response in visible and near infrared lighting
  • Binocular vision for greater depth perception
  • Integral battery for handheld or head-mounted use
  • Adjustable (spot/flood) IR illumination
  • Independent eye-span adjustment
  • Can be easily detached from mount
  • Objective lens covers protect the objective lenses when the system is not in use and provide a means for daylight training
  • Eye cups prevent the emission of stray light or facial reflections
  • Demist shields snap on to the eyepiece to prevent condensation on the optics
  • Sacrificial windows shield the objective lenses from airborne sand, dust, or any other particles that may scratch the lenses
  • Retainer cord filters excessive light and protects objective lens from the elements of nature
  • Rugged construction
Magnification 1x (unity)
Objective Lens EFL
27 mm, F/1.23, T/1.35
Field of View 40º, +1º / -2º
Interpupillary Adjustment 2 to 2.8" (52 to 72.0 mm), knobs
Tilt Adjustment
10° (minimum)
Movements Fore-and-Aft
0.9” (25.0 mm) range
Eyepiece Lens EFL 27 mm
Diopter Adjustment +2 to -6 diopters
Range of Focus 16" (41 cm) to infinity

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