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Morovision : MVL-40090

By: Morovision
Night Vision Thermal Imaging
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LDI DBAL-A2 Laser Designator

The Morovision MVL-40090 LDI DBAL-A2 is a rugged and compact laser sighting system that is designed and built to endure severe and hostile environments. This complex, yet simple to operate sighting system meets MIL-STD 810F for adverse environmental conditions, it is water, dust, and shockproof. When duty calls, the advanced feature set of the DBAL-A2 can be integrated into your tactical discipline seamlessly, and without hesitation.

Regardless of the time of day, environment, or the situation, the DBAL-A2 delivers the mission critical performance and options you need for a successful conclusion to the task at hand. This is a dual-beam device with a visible and an IR laser for versatility & supremacy in both day and night time operations. When used with night vision goggles, the IR flood beam illuminates the scene turning night into day while the IR pointer clearly designates your exact point of impact. The high and low power beam options give you added advantages in extended range target acquisition, CQC environments, and general field operations.

The compact and featherweight form-factor of the DBAL-A2 nearly goes unnoticed when mounted to the Picatinny rail of your firearm. Fully adjustable precision adjustments allow for accurate and repeatable shot-placement at distances up to 2187 yd (2000m). The quick-release A.R.M.S. throw-lever mount ensures your ability to move this device onto or off of your weapon in a hurry, without a concern for a loss of zero.


Available Configurations Include:

MVL-40200 DBAL-A2 - with Visible Red Pointer (635nm) (<5mW), Infrared Pointer (835nm) (<50mW) and Infrared Pointer/Illuminator (835nm) (<50mW).  Waterproof up to 20 meters.  Includes: Quick Release Mount, 7" Remote Cable Pressure Pad Switch, Optical Pattern Gene...

MVL-40090 features include:

  • LDI catalog number: 40090
  • A.R.M.S. throw lever mount
  • Waterproof to 9.8' (3.0 m)
  • Precision adjustments in precise 0.4 milliradian clicks
  • Beam shaping technology produces a round laser point
  • Battle-ready housing is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Eye-safe in low power mode (Laser Class I), with safety block for force-on-force training
  • (High power mode is not eye-safe)
  • Momentary remote cable pressure pad switch and integrated momentary activation switch - Single tap enables momentary activation - Double tap instantly activates the laser in a continuous ON mode. Built-in safety mechanism returns the unit to momentary activation after 5 minutes.
Type Visible: Laser Class IIIa
Infrared: Laser Class IIIb
Output Power Visible: 5 mW
Infrared: 35 mW
Peak Wavelength Visible: 635 nm
Infrared: 835 nm
Beam Divergence IR illuminator: 0-6.0°
Beam Diameter Visible & IR pointer: 8mm @ 82.0'/25 m
Range of Visible Illumination Visible - low light: 492 yd/450.0 m
Visible - daylight: 33 yd/30.0 m
Infrared: 2187 yd/2000 m
Mount A.R.M.S. Throw Lever Mount
Power Source One 3.0V CR123A battery
Runtime 5 Hours
Operating Temperature Range -31 to 122° F(-35 to 50° C)
Waterproofing Waterproof to 9.8'/3.0 m
Dimensions 3.35 x 2.91 x 1.9" (8.5 x 7.4 x 4.8 cm)
Weight 8.2 oz (232 g)
(with battery)

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