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Pendant Transmitter

The Azden IRN-20 Pendant Transmitter is a palm-sized, neck-worn microphone and IR (Infrared) emitter pendant for use with Azden IR receivers such as the IRR-40P. The IRN-20 is an ideal choice for wireless presentations and speech providing reliable, hands-free operation in classrooms, boardrooms, etc. The pendant includes a lanyard and features a dual microphone for stereo capturing of vocals and a higher degree of consistency during movement. There is an external microphone input for using optional microphones, and a line-input (Aux) jack allows connection to audio player devices such as iPods and MP3 players.

IRN-20 features include:

  • Microphone and emitter feature built in a compact pendant worn around the neck
  • Dual microphones for wide, stereo capturing of speech
  • Remote volume feature
  • Battery status on power up
  • Optional microphone input for connecting an external microphone
  • AUX jack for connecting a line audio device such as an iPod or MP3 player
  • Powered with a single AA battery
  • Power input jack for recharging batteries
  • Neck lanyard included
  IRT-10 (desk top transmitter) IRN-20 (neck-worn transmitter) IRN-30 (Handheld transmitter)
Sub-carrier frequencies 2.80MHz 2.06MHz 2.56MHz
Modulation FM FM FM
Microphone element N/A Uni directional ECM x2 Uni directional ECM x1
Frequency max deviation <±40kHz <±40kHz <±40kHz
Frequency response 50 – 10kHz ±3dB 100 – 8kHz ±3dB 100 – 8kHz ±3dB
Aux/Line input φ3.5mm mini jack φ3.5mm mini jack φ3.5mm mini jack
Mic input N/A φ3.5mm mini jack φ3.5mm mini jack
Mic gain adjustment N/A from +6dB to -10dB from +6dB to -10dB
Input adjustment ×1 N/A N/A
Battery type 2 AA alkaline / 2 AA rechargeable NiMH 1 AA alkaline / 1 AA rechargeable NiMH 1 AA alkaline / 1 AA rechargeable NiMH
Battery life >8 hours w/alkaline battery >8 hours w/alkaline battery >8 hours w/alkaline battery
Size 100 x 64 x 27 mm 95 x 25 x 50 mm 27 x 27 x 90 mm
Weight 160g w/battery 74g w/battery 74g w/battery

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