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Modular HD & DSLR Support w/ 2 Handles, 15mm Rods, Pivot Brace/Grip, Quick Release

The VariZoom VZSTINGER is a modular support system for video DSLR or compact HD videocameras. It's based on 8 in (20.3 cm) standard 15mm rods and comprises a camera plate with quick release, a pair of handgrips that are independently adjustable, and a rear-mounted pistol grip.

The camera plate mounts the camera, including a quick-release element, and accepts the aluminum 15mm rods. The plate is adjustable both vertically and horizontally.

The handgrips can be adjusted independently for length and angle. During shooting, the handles add stability and comfort for smoother video, and they also serve as a "kickstand" for keeping the system stable and upright when it is set down with the camera mounted.

Crafted of solid aluminum and steel, the pistol grip will last a lifetime. It clamps to the dual 15mm rods to provide rigid support for a wide array of shooting styles, functioning both as a grip and as a chest pad. The joint articulates horizontally to a position perpendicular to the rig, again enabling "kickstand mode" for setting down the system on level surfaces.

And of course the system is modular, so it's a breeze to add extra components such as longer rods, a matte box, a shoulder pad, or a shock-absorbing body mount to the Stinger.


Available Configurations Include:

VZSTINGERII Upgraded Modular HD & DSLR Support w/ Shock Mount, 2 Handles, 15mm Rods, Pivot Brace/Grip, QR

VZSTINGER features include:

  • Universal modular 15mm system with interchangeable parts
  • Turnkey systems or individual components available
  • Universal swiveling pistol-grip/shoulder brace
  • Aluminum/Stainless construction for superior rigidity and durability
  • NEW no-slip durable hand grips
  • NEW improved quick release plate interchangeable w/ other VZ products
  • Articulating weight balancing system
  • Swiveling shoulder arch allowing for perfect adjustment for eyepiece and/or flip-out LCD
  • Super plush cushion shoulder pad
  • 2 year warranty

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.