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Dedicated Micros : DM/SD16MIN/A

By: Dedicated Micros
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SD Series 16Ch DVR 500GB

The DM/SD16MIN/A SD Product Line offers the user a high performance, easy to use plug and play DVR with configurable record settings. 

The 8 and 16 channel models, now available with front panel control, offer consistent recording duration and smooth motion video on ALL cameras.

Pre-configured default settings allow for a simple out-of- the-box installation whilst menus allow per channel configuration to utilise full global PPS.

Of course for those looking for more advanced features the SD’s common user interface can be configured locally via its IR Remote Control/optional keyboard or remotely via web pages. Activity Detection, Alarm Reporting, Text support (for POS transactions), MultiMode Recording and of course Coax & Serial Telemetry are all included as standard in the SD.


Available Configurations Include:

DM/SD16MED/A SD Series 16Ch DVR 3TB

DM/SD16MIN/A features include:

  • 8 and 16 camera input options
  • Front panel control
  • Up to 1TB of local storage, an additional 10TB available using MSUs
  • Live and playback viewing on local composite monitor and over Ethernet
  • JPEG or MPEG-4 recording and transmission
  • BS8418 compliant remote alarm reporting
  • On-board Help Videos
  • Text support - capture, record and search text data with relevant CCTV footage
  • Coaxial & Serial Telemetry Control
  • MultiMode Recording – Dynamically-switchable resolution, record-rate & compression (MPEG4/ JPEG) per camera
  • Built in DVD-R writer and USB ports for archiving evidential material
  • Color-coded soft key menus, identical local and remote interfaces
  • Displays common configuration interface when accessed locally at the unit or remotely via a web browser

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.