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PlaneWave Speaker Large, Double-throw, Black

The black version of the TOA Electronics PW-1430DB Plane Wave Large Double Throw Speaker is designed for public address applications that require narrow horizontal and vertical directivity such as broadcasting announcements on a railroad platform or along an escalator pathway.

The speaker utilizes four encased diaphragms with printed voice coils and magnet assemblies to generate a magnetic planar waveform that radiates less than a point source speaker. The narrow horizontal and vertical directivity reduces surface reflections and the effects of room coloration. This is especially helpful for environments with hard parallel surfaces such as art galleries and museums where long reverberation times can compromise the clarity of the treble response.


Available Configurations Include:

PW-1430DW PlaneWave Speaker Large, Double-throw, White
PW-1430SB PlaneWave Speaker Large, Single-throw, Black
PW-1430SW PlaneWave Speaker Large, Single-throw, White

PW-1430DB features include:

  • Magnetic Planar Waveform
  • Projects Sounds Backward and Forward
  • Narrow Horizontal/Vertical Directivity
  • Reduced Reflections and Room Coloration
  • For Public Address Broadcast
  • Beam-Tilting Five Degrees Off Axis
  • Built-In High Pass Filter
  • Rust Resistance
  • Splash-Proof Construction
  • Built-In Hanging Bracket
Drivers 4x plane wave unit (5.98 x 8.43", 152 x 214 mm)
Type Magnetic planar
Radiation Pattern Double sided (positive pressure wave forward, negative pressure wave backward)
Rated Input 30 W
Impedance 100 V Line: 330 Ω (30 W), 670 Ω (15 W), 1 kΩ (10 W), 2 kΩ (5 W)

70 V Line: 170 Ω (30 W), 330 Ω (15 W), 670 Ω (7.5 W), 1 kΩ (5 W), 2 kΩ (2.5 W)
Sensitivity 88 dB (1 W, 1 m equivalent measured at 4 m, 1 to 10,000 Hz)
85 dB (1 W, 1 m measured at 1 m, 1 to 10,000 Hz)
(Beam tilting: FLAT, high pass filter: OFF)
Frequency Response 250 to 17,500 Hz (Beam tilting: FLAT, High pass filter: OFF)
Directivity Horizontal: 19° (2,000 Hz 1/3 octave band)
Vertical: 78° (2,000 Hz 1/3 octave band)
Settings Switches Beam tilting (radiation direction) FLAT: 0° downward/DOWNWARD: 5° downward

High Pass filter (450 Hz, -12 dB/oct): OFF/ON
Speaker Connectors 0.35" (ø9 mm), 6-core cabtyre cable, 6.56 ft (2.00 m)
Waterproof/Dustproof Rating IPX4
Operating Temperature 14 to 122°F (-10 to +50°C)
Finish Punched stainless steel net enclosure with mounting bracket
Dimensions (W x H x D) Including Mounting Bracket: 32.72 x 13.98 x 2.36" (831 x 355 x 60 mm)
Weight Including Mounting Bracket: 25.13 lb (11.4 kg)

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