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Hitachi : KP-FR500WCL

By: Hitachi
Industrial Video System & Broadcast
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Mini Camera Link 1CCD Color (RAW) Camera

The Hitachi KP-FR500WCL can be used for high-precision and high-speed image processing in many applications.  The FR series of cameras use a CCD with an RGB primary color mosaic filter, outputting the image data in a RAW format with minimal processing in order to achieve higher frame rates as compared to a normal color camera. External image processing and software is required to produce a proper color picture.

Imaging device 2/3-inch interline CCD (ICX625AQ)
  Total pixels 2536 (H) x 2068 (V)
  Effective pixels 2456 (H) x 2058 (V)
  Pixel size 3.45 μm (H) x 3.45 μm (V) (square lattice)
  Color filter RGB primary color mosaic filter
Sensing area 8.47 mm (H) x 7.10 mm (V)
Scanning system Progressive
Aspect ratio 5 : 4
Frame rate 16 frames per second (full pixel readout)
Horizontal drive frequency 64.0000 MHz
Horizontal scanning frequency 33.264 kHz
Vertical scanning frequency 16.00 Hz
Sync system Internal
Lens mount C mount (Flange focal distance = 17.526 mm)
Video output Digital output (Camera Link)
Base configuration: 64.0000 MHz x 2TAP Medium configuration: 32.0000 MHz x 4TAP
(Maximum cable length: 10m)
Output image size: 2456(H) x 2058(V) (full pixel readout)
Resolution Horizontal/Vertical: 2000TV lines
Sensitivity 2000 lx, F8, 3200K
Minimum illumination 15 lx (F1.4 GAIN MAX)
Signal noise to ratio 48dB
Electric shutter OFF 1/16, 1/60, 1/100, 1/250, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/10000, 1/50000 second.
OFF is normal exposure (frame rate) or changeable by variable shutter (Minimum 1/100000 second)
Gamma γ = 1
Frame on demand Mode (A) Fixed shutter (8 steps or variable)
(B) ONE trigger mode
(C) VD reset mode
Trigger input Camera Link (CC1) or DCIN/SYNC connector
Partial scan Selectable start position and height of picture grabbing in 1H step.
Power supply voltage 12 ± 1 VDC
Current consumption Approx. 260 mA (Approx. 3.1W)
*MAX partial scan 1H: Approx. 330 mA
(Approx. 4.0W)
Ambient temperature Performance 0 to +40 °C (+32 to +104 °F), less than 90 % RH
Operation 10 to +50 °C (+14 to 122 °F), less than 90 % RH
Storage -20 to +60 °C (-4 to 140 °F), less than 70 % RH (without dew condensation)
Vibration endurance 10 to 55Hz (2.37 to 71.7m/S2 ), Sweep 1 minute, 30 minutes for each 3 axis
Shock endurance 490.3 m/s2 (Once for each side of top, under, left and right)
External dimensions 44 (W) x 44 (H) x 41 (D) mm(Not including mount protrusions)
Mass Approx. 110 g

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