By: Tamron
CCTV, Industrial FA/Machine Vision Lenses
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1/1.8" 4-13mm F/1.5

The Tamron M118VG413IR is a C mount high grade lens compatible with 5MP cameras with 1/1.8" sensors.

The Optical design is optimized for both night and day use, with megapixel imaging availabe in near-IR range.

・Compatible with 5MP, C-mount cameras currently in the main    stream on the market
・Supports the large 1/1.8" image sensors
・Superb light transmission with a fast aperture of F/1.5.

・Megapixel imaging available even in near-IR range
・Minimal degradation in image quality in night surveillance mode.

・Coverage from wide angle (115.8°) to medium telephoto (35.9°) (aspect ratio 16:9)

・New iris control mechanism integrated to keep the compact form factor without sacrificing performance.

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.