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Lectrosonics : VR-FIELD

By: Lectrosonics
Wireless Microphones & Audio Processors
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Battery-Powered Modular Receiver Systems
The wideband design provides the flexibility to deal with a congested RF spectrum in any field or studio environment by changing receiver modules. No tools are required to remove and install the modules. Flexibility is the core concept of the design. The receiver modules can be operated separately, each with switched diversity reception for a total of six audio channels, or operated in pairs for more robust frequency or ratio diversity reception with a total of 3 audio channels. Various combinations can also be used for particular applications, such as a pair with ratio diversity reception and the other four with switched diversity reception for a total of five audio channels. The receiver modules are easy to change with no tools required. A high quality antenna multicoupler is included in the receiver to ensure ideal signal distribution and isolation between modules and to reduce overall size and complexity. The multicoupler is actually a 1-in/7-out splitter which provides six outputs for the receiver modules and an additional output as a “loop thru” for another Venue receiver. A single pair of broadband antennas can feed several receivers connected with coaxial cable over a wide range of frequencies. Phantom power for remote antenna amplifiers can be turned on and off with internal jumpers.
3 different diversity reception schemes
256 synthesized UHF frequencies per receiver module
Digital Hybrid Wireless™  system
Ultra portable and self-contained
Six-channel modular configuration
Chassis ModelsVRFIELDWB - 230 MHz bandwidth (Wideband); VRFIELDWBL - 222 MHz bandwidth (Wideband Low)

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