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Large Format IR Corrected Lens, F-Mount

The Kowa LM50-IR-F 43.3mm Nikon F mount Lens has a F1.9-close iris range. This compact high performance lens features locking screws for iris and focus, large format, ir corrected design, and low distortion. Kowa has over 50 years of production technology that is reflected in the development and design of IR Lenses.

→ Focal Length 50mm
→ Image size 43.3mm
→ Nikon F-Mount
→ Manual Iris
→ Megapixel IR, Broadband

Focal Length (mm) 50
Image Format (mm) φ43.3
IR Corrected Design 400-1000nm
Iris Range F1.9~F16
Focusing Range (m) 0.5~∞
Iris Control Manual
Focus Control Manual
TV Distortion at φ43.3 -0.0054
TV Distortion at φ22.5 (1.2"Format) -0.0018
TV Distortion at φ16 (1"Format) -0.0012
Back Focal Length in air (mm) 34.6mm
Mechanical Back Focal Length in air (mm) 34.1mm
Mount F-mount
Flange Back (F-Mount) 46.5mm
Flange Back (P-Mount, M42×1) 45.5mm
Filter size (mm) M52X0.75
Size (mm) φ58.5×117.5
Weight (g) 600g (Preliminary)
Temperature Range -10℃~ 45℃


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