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Industrial & Machine Vision Optics
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Platinum Large Format Lenses

The innovative 1-15838 Platinum 25 mm Multi-Magnification lens works with F-mount or C-mount cameras and offers 180 line pairs per millimeter resolution

Ideal for vision system applications, this wide-angle 1 15838 Platinum 25 mm lens is designed to allow cameras to inspect large areas without the great distance required by a typical lens.

Navitar 115838 Platinum 25 mm lens features a fixed F/8 aperture which allows for a balance between depth of field and resolution while maintaining significant light-gathering power.

→ Magnification from 0.1X to 0.5X.
→ Focusable from 2" to infinity.
→ 0.13% distortion on edges.
→ Wide field design for close-up imaging.
→ Large depth of field.
→ Diffraction limited.
→ Exceptional clarity and contrast.

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