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Telecentric Zoom Lens
Navitar’s 12X-Zoom is the next generation in video zoom optics. With a numeric aperture of 0.018 - 0.1 and a nominal zoom range of 0.58 - 7X, the 12X is the only single lens system to provide such a high combination of zoom range and resolution.

The 12X Zoom system is designed on a modular basis, offering optical quality and mechanical flexibility. This interchangeable design, combined with a wide range of lens adapters and attachments, allows you to easily choose the magnification, field of view and working distance that best suit your viewing needs.

The 12XZoom system is ideal for use in the inspection of a wide range of products, such as semiconductor chips, PC boards and BGAs. It’s easy to use and displays crisp, clear images on any monitor for individual or group viewing.
Incredible 12:1 Zoom ratio with dynamic magnification range of 0.07X-583X.
Telecentric attachment gives you the worldÂ’s first parfocal telecentric zoom lens with field coverage up to 50 mm.
Increased resolution with 0.018-0.1 N.A.
Variable working distance from 32 to 341 mm.
Field of view from 0.006 mm to 85.71 mm with attachments.
Unmatched edge flatness and clarity.
Works with 1/4”, 1/3”, 1/2” and 2/3” format cameras.
The 12X Zoom System utilizes existing Zoom 6000 adapter tubes.

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