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1/3" 5.6~112mm Zoom DC Auto Iris Lens

Common in lenses in the broadcast industry, the 3-Cam Design is also incorporated in Kowa’s varifocal and zoom lenses. The Kowa long range DC auto-iris zoom lens series LMZ200 AMDC innovative system has solved the problem of de-centering which sometimes occurs in the conventional pole system. Not only is the movement of the lens impaired by de-centering, but the optical performance suffers too. The 3-Cam Design also reduces internal reflection. As a result, the LMZ200-AMDC image obtained by this design is much sharper than that of the conventional pole system. With the 3-Cam Design, the customer can expect higher optical performance and a longer service life.

Use for 1/3" b/w, color camera
Focal length f=5.6~112mm
Iris range F=1.6 ~ 360 ~close
Image size dia.6 (3.6x4.8)
Back focal length 8.97 mm in air
Flange focal length 12.5 mm in air
Focus range infinity ~ 1.5m
Diameter Angle W = 59.4°; T = 3.18°
Horizontal Angle W = 47.6°; T = 2.55°
Vertical Angle W = 35.7°; T = 1.92°
Diameter view at M.O.D. W = 1605 mm T = 80.4 mm
Horizontal view at M.O.D. W = 1254 mm T = 64.4 mm
Vertical view at M.O.D. W = 925 mm T = 48.4 mm
Distortion (TV) W = -2.9%; T = 0.03%
Lens construction 12 groups 14 elements
Clear aperture dia. front = dia. 49; rear = dia. 11.8
Exit pupil position 113 mm (format)
Weight 550g (570g)
Drive coil resistor 190 (20°C)
Drive coil color red ( ) 3 pin; black 4 pin
Brake coil resistor 1150 (20°C)
Brake coil color yellow ( ) 2 pin; green 1 pin
Drive voltage open less than 4V
Drive voltage close greater than 0V w/closing spring


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