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Crestron: c2n-sdc

Shade and Drape Controller, 120V AC

The C2N-SDC is a 2-channel Shade and Drape Controller designed to provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for controlling a variety of motorized window treatments as well...

Crestron: c2n-ssc-2

Somfy Shade Controller, 2 digital outputs for Somfy ILT motors

The C2N-SSC-2 Somfy Shade Controller is a compact Cresnet device designed to provide a bidirectional serial interface for up to two Somfy ILT[1] Intelligent Shade Motors. Window...

Crestron: csa-pws10s-hub

10-Shade Power Supply and Cresnet Hub

The CSA-PWS10S-HUB power supply provides support for up to 10 Crestron ® Shades and features a built-in, 5-segment hub with network diagnostics capabilities. Local controls and...

Crestron: csm-qmt50-dccn

Crestron QMT Motor for 38-Inch Roller Shades and Larger, Cresnet

Featuring Quiet Motor Technology™, the CSM-QMT50-DCCN motor provides quiet yet robust operation for Crestron ® roller shades 38 inches (96.52 cm) and larger. Fully...

Crestron: csm-qmtdc-256-2-cn

Digital QMT Shade Motor for 21-Inch Roller Shades and Larger, 2 Nm, Cresnet

Featuring Digital Quiet Motor Technology, the CSM-QMTDC-256-2-CN motor provides quiet yet robust operation for Crestron ® Architectural and Décor single roller shades 21...

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