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IR Remote Control

The RC−IR3 is an infrared wireless remote control unit for all Kramer IR controllable switchers. The remote can switch up to 96x96 inputs and outputs.

RC-IR3 features include:

  • Memory Locations - Stores up to 99 multiple switches as presets to be recalled and executed when needed.

  • Kramer Universal Remote - Includes the protocols of all Kramer devices and is programmable to control any Kramer machine.

  • Non-volatile Memory - Retains the last setting, even after the power supply is interrupted.

  • Transmits to Built -in and Remote Receivers. - Range up to 15m (50ft) or 60m (200ft) with optional external IR receiver (C−A35M/IRR−50) and 3 extension cables.

  • Size - HandHeld
POWER CONSUMPTION: 2 AAA size regular 1.5V alkaline batteries, remote current: 10mA.
DIMENSIONS: 5.2cm x 10.1cm x 2.0cm (2.0" x 4.0" x 0.8") W, D, H.

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