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American Dynamics : ADD80ADVSV025

By: American Dynamics
Video Based Security and Integration Solutions
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Intellex DVMS, desktop, 8 channel, Standard, NTSC/PAL

The original digital video management system, Intellex DVMS ADD80ADVSV025 has been leading the market since 1997. The 16-channel version records up to 240 ips at 4CIF. Intellex DVMS is offered in a desktop or rack mount chassis with Standard, Deluxe and Premier packages. This means simplified packaging for easier ordering, maintenance and configuration. And because Intellex DVMS is networkable and easily integrates with other equipment and software applications, it’s a cost-effective solution for many new and existing applications.


Available Configurations:

ADD80ADVSV050 Intellex DVMS, desktop, 8 channel, Standard, 500GB, NTSC/PAL
ADD80ADVDV050 Intellex DVMS, desktop, 8 channel, Deluxe, 500GB, NTSC/PAL
ADD80ADVDV100 Intellex DVMS, desktop, 8 channel, Deluxe, 1.0TB, NTSC/PAL
ADD80ADVPV050 Intellex DVMS, desktop, 8 channel, Premier, 500GB, NTSC/PAL
ADD80ADVPV100 Intellex DVMS, desktop, 8 channel, Premier, 1.0TB, NTSC/PAL

Set dome presets, patterns and configurations right from the Intellex GUI

Operate Intellex like a virtual matrix via Network Client with CCTV keyboard-based camera control and an expanded capacity to stream video simultaneously from multiple cameras*

React faster to potential emergencies with immediate email notification of system events and alarms 

Customize camera views for flexible monitoring 

Respond to events with alarm-triggered dome positioning 

Record higher frame rates per second for certain cameras and assign the remainder to less critical cameras

Easily export video, audio and text to CD-RW with one click of the mouse 

Store over 9 times more video than MPEG-4 and MJPEG-based systems using patented American Dynamics Active Content Compression (ACC) technology

Use SmartSearch to easily locate video incidents

Gain the ability to multiplex, detect alarms, and events, record video, audio and text

Supports up to 20 simultaneous client connections

Use 3rd party applications such as access control from Software House and Kantech as well as video forensics, virtual matrix, and remote monitoring

Ability to multiplex, detect alarms and events, record video, audio and text

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.