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American Dynamics: ad-2016avim-1

Matrix input module for single level MP3200 systems, w/back panel

The American Dynamics AD2016AVIM1 Input Module with a back panel is a single level module for the multi-level MegaPower 3200 Matrix Switcher System.


American Dynamics: ad1305

Camera housing, indoor, corner, 8" (20.3 cm) max. camera/lens length

The American Dynamics AD1305 is a tamper resistant corner-mounted housing. Primarily designed for use in elevators, this compact unit is also perfect for stairwells, entrances,...

American Dynamics: ad1314

Cam housing, indr/outdr, universal, max cam/lens 12" (30.4 cm)

The AD1314 is a high quality environmental housing designed for most CCD cameras and zoom lenses. This polycarbonate housing provides excellent protection for the installed...

American Dynamics: ad2010db

Matrix data receiver/buffer module for MP3200 systems

The American Dynamics AD2010DB is a Matrix data receiver/buffer module for MP3200 systems.


Also Available:

American Dynamics: ad2010n

Standard Bay for MegaPower 3200 System (120VAC)

The American Dynamics  AD2010N Standard Bay for MegaPower 3200 System 120VAC incorporates a video switching bus along an internal backplane having 16 lines. A standard bay could...

American Dynamics: ad2010ps

Matrix power supply module for MP3200 systems, 120 VAC

The American Dynamics AD2010PS Power Supply Module (120VAC) is part of the MegaPower 3200 system, and is for use with the 120VAC AD2010R & AD2020R Switching Bays. It consists of a...

American Dynamics: ad2016bp-1

Matrix back panel for AD2016AVIM-1 for MP3200 systems (no input card)

The American Dynamics  AD2016BP-1 is a   Matrix back panel for AD2016AVIM-1 for MP3200 systems (no input card).


Available Back Panel Options...

American Dynamics: ad2016pc

Input Card for MP3200 Matrix

The American Dynamics  AD2016PC Input Card for the MP3200 Matrix Switcher System provides video input to the switcher system.

American Dynamics: ad2024bp-1

Matrix back panel for AD2024AVOM-1, for MP3200 systems (no output card)

The American Dynamics AD2024BP-1 is a Matrix back panel for AD2024AVOM-1, for MP3200 systems (no output card)


Available Back Panel Options...

American Dynamics: ad2024bvom-1

Matrix output module for 960 input MP3200 system w/single width rear panel

The American Dynamics AD2024BVOM-1 is a Matrix output module for 960 input MP3200 system it comes with a single width rear panel.


Available Output Module...

American Dynamics: ad2031

Matrix Switcher/Follower (120VAC)

The American Dynamics AD2031 Matrix Switcher/Follower comprises two groups containing sixteen addressable Form-C relays each, which are set to follow video switches for one or two...

American Dynamics: ad2083-02c

Matrix code distributor, 1 HighSpeed Data or 1 Manchester to 16 RS422, 120 VAC

The American Dynamics AD2083-02C provides improved legacy RS-422 domes support. The system offers distribution of RS-422 code to the SpeedDome Ultra and SpeedDome Optima Series...

American Dynamics: ad2089

Full System Matrix Keyboard

The American-Dynamics AD2089 series includes robust, full-function CCTV system keyboards available in desktop and rack mount versions and are compatible with MegaPower Matrix...

American Dynamics: ad2091

Manchester Control Code Generator/Distributor (120VAC)

The American Dynamics AD2091 Manchester Control Code Generator/Distributor distributes Manchester code to SpeedDome Ultra Series Programmable Domes, SpeedDome Optima Series Domes,...

American Dynamics: as2096a

Alarm Interface Unit (120VAC)

The American Dynamics AD2096A Matrix Alarm Interface Unit is used with American Dynamics Matrix Switching System, which can respond to 64 alarm inputs. 64...

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