Nile Series Firewire 1394a 1/3" Camera With ICX445AL/AQ Sensor

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IMI Technology : IMB-5120FT

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The IMI Technology IMX5120FT is from the NILE series. All Nile Series Cameras come with a Firewire interface, auto iris, external trigger, are equipped with Sony progressive area scan CCD sensors. The IMX 5120FT has a resolution of 1292 x 960 in both color and B/W at 1.2 megapixels. NILE series cameras provide excellent image quality, color rendition and a compact form factor, which afford versatility when space and weight are important considerations of an application. The Nile cameras also support an Auto Iris under DC control. All NILE Series cameras support external trigger modes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14 and 15 which are unique compared with cameras from other vendors. Every unit has passed a rigorous testing procedure to ensure reliability; even in mission critical applications.

The NILE Series is comprised of six monochrome and color, Digital Area Scan CCD Cameras. All models support Photo-coupler and multi camera auto sync; other advanced features include auto iris control, memory save/load, one-shot and multi-shot capabilities. In addition, RS232 Pass through, 1us ~ 3600s shutter speed, True Speed 7 Partial Scan, LUT (4 point user defined), and horizontal and vertical binning mode provides flexibility for challenging applications. NILE Series firmware can be updated via Firewire.

→ 16-86 fps Max. frame rate
→ 1292x960 resolution
→ 1/3" CCD, Sony CCD ICX445AL/AQ Sensor
→ 3.75um x 3.75um 1.2MP Pixels
→ Firewire 1394a
→ 12 bit
→ Color & B/W
→ Total 6 models - resolution (0.3 to 2Mega pixels), color & B/W
→ Sony CCD sensors (1/3”, 2/3”,1/1.8”)
→ Supports photo-coupler and multi camera auto sync
→ SIO Pass through and Strobe support, True Fast Partial Scan support
→ Horizontal and Vertical Binning Mode, Auto Iris support (DC Control)
→ Electronic shutter with speeds of 1 usec .- 3600 sec.
→ Nile Series firmware can be upgraded via FIREWIRE


Sony ICX445AL



1.24MP (1292x960)

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