Ganz: hwb1-5a23

Pro-Pak Housing HWB-1 with TG10Z0513FCS & FC-62D (5-50mm DC A/I varifocal and B/W camera)

The Ganz HWB1-5A23 is a pro pak housing with pre installed camera and 5-50mm varifocal DC auto iris lens.


Ganz: hwb2-29a23

Pro-Pak Housing HWB-2 with TG3Z2910FCS & FC-62D (2.9-8.2mm DC A/I varifocal & B/W camera)

The Ganz HWB2-29A23 is a pro pak housing with pre-installed camera and a 2.9-8.2mm varifocal DC auto iris lens.

Bosch: ltc-0356-20


The Bosch LTC-0356/20 is a high resolution, fully automatic B/W security camera that incorporates special features for ease of setup and operation. Compact and rugged in design, th...
Horizontal Resolution    570 TVL
Signal-to-Noise Ratio    50 dB
Electronic Shutter    Automatic, 1/50 to 1/500000 sec.; (LTC 0356/10), 1/60 to 1/600000 sec. (LTC 0356/20)
Aperture Correction    Horizontal and vertical, symmetrical
Backlight Compensation    Center window weighting

Marshall Electronics: v-1055-bnc

V-1055-BNC Small "C" Mount Camera

This micro size, state-of the-art Marshall Electronics V-1055-BNC camera is only an inch-and-a half square, yet is a full function, low light CCD camera with 380 lines of resolutio...
Imager    1/3" CCD
Scanning    525 lines, 60 fields/sec
Video output    1V p-p composite; Impedance 75 ohms
Picture elements    510(H) * 492(V); 250,000 pixels
Chip size    6.0mm H * 4.96 V

Marshall Electronics: v-1070

V-1070 Low Light Industrial & Scientific B/W Camera

The Marshall Electronics V-1070 has all the necessary functions to interface with most computer and imaging equipment used in industrial and scientific applications. This compact s...
Imager    1/2" CCD
Resolution    600 Lines
Scanning System    525 Lines Interlaced
Picture    811H × 492V
Min. Illumination    0.02 Lux

Marshall Electronics: v-1214-bnc

(discontinued) Weatherproof Monochrome Camera

This item is DISCONTINUED. Please contact [email protected] for a suitable alternative.


The V-1214-BNC
Pick-up Element    1/3" CCD
Resolution    360 TV Lines
Scanning System    525 Lines
Light Sensitivity    0.4 Lux
Lens    3.6mm

Marshall Electronics: v-1214-ir

Weatherproof Monochrome Bullet Camera With IR Illumination

The Marshall Electronics V-1214-IR is a B/W CCD camera that features built-in LED illuminators and can see in total darkness up to 15 ft. Ideal for applications where there is very...
Pick-up Element    1/3" CCD
Resolution    360 TV Lines
Scanning System    525 Lines
Light Sensitivity    0.4 Lux, 0 w/LED
Lens    3.6mm

Weldex: wdh-2500bs

1/3" B&W Ultra Mini Covert Camera with Fixed 3.6mm Lens

The Weldex WDH-2500BS features Ultra Compact Miniature Camera, Extremely Low Power Consumption (B&W: 80mA) and 0.01 Lux at F1.2 (B&W) Minimum Illumination. The WDH-2500BS
Image Pick-Up Device    1/3" CCD Area Sensor
TV System    EIA
Effective Pixel    512 (H) x 494 (V)
Scanning System    2:1 Interlaced
Resolution    620(B/W) TV Lines Horizontally

Speco Technologies: cvc320wpw

B/W Waterproof Bullet With Infrared LED Lighting And 3 Ft Cable - White Housing

The Speco Technologies CVC320WPW B/W Waterproof Bullet Camera with 3.6mm Wide Angle Lens & 8 IR LEDs (NTSC) is equipped with a 1/3” CCD B/W image sensor and offe...
Image Device    1/3” CCD B/W image sensor
Picture Elements    512 (H) x 492 (V)
Resolution    420 TV lines
Minimum Illumination    0.02 lux without IR LEDs, 0 lux when IR LEDs are on
Electronic Shutter Control    Auto 1/60-1/100,000 sec.

Speco Technologies: cvc95am

B/W Angle Mount Weather Resistant Camera

The 1/3" B&W CCD sensor of the CVC95AM 960H Angle Mount Weather- & Tamper-Resistant Outdoor B&W Camera with 3.6mm Lens (NTSC) from Speco Technologies captures clear images and reco...
Resolution    420 lines
Image Device    1/3" B/W CCD image sensor
Electronic Shutter    Auto 1/60 -1/100,000 second
Lens    3.6 mm wide angle lens, Hor. 72º,Vert. 53º
Minimum Illumination    0.02 lux