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Video Image Measurement System

The Boeckeler VIA 100 measures X and Y dimensions. and enables an operator to perform horizontal (X), vertical (Y), two dimensional (XY), diagonal (point-to-point), circle (radius and circumference) and angle measurements. Separate X-axis and Y-axis calibration ensures accuracy for all measurements. Ten separate calibrations can be stored and retrieved for multiple measurement setups. The VIA100 has RS-232 output so that users can transmit ASCII data of measurements to printers or computers. Available with a joystick or knob.

Weight 5 lbs.

micrometers in the world of manual measurement. Connected between a video sourceand monitor, the VIA-100 generates positionable measuring lines or measuring pointsover an image displayed on a monitor, enabling operators to measure objects within thefield of view. Measurements which may be performed are horizontal, vertical, horizontaland vertical, point-to-point, circles (circumference and radius), and angles. The VIA-100measuring tools include the ability to enter and store up to ten different calibrations inany scale, from microns to miles.
The knob and joystick controllers are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease ofuse. Because the image of the object to be analyzed is displayed on a video monitor,the VIA-100 is one of the most convenient measuring systems available.The VIA-100 is compatible with most common video standards, including monochromeRS-170 and color NTSC composite cameras, monitors, recorders, video presentationproducts, and other NTSC video equipment. Boeckeler video interfaces may bepurchased to create brightly colored marker overlays for use with Y/C (S-Video) or RGBvideo equipment. An export model of the VIA-100 is compatible with European CCIRand PAL video standards.
with the video image.
up is labelled and accessible from the working screen.
object. Measurement is displayed on-screen. Ahorizontal reference line is provided to aid alignment.
edge of object. Measurement is displayed on-screen.A vertical reference line is provided to aid the edges of an object. X and Y measurements aredisplayed on-screen.
measured on the object. The distance between thetwo points is displayed on-screen.
lines. The degree of the angle formed by theintersecting lines is displayed on-screen, whether ornot the vertex of the angle is apparent.
circular image. The radius and circumference of thecircle are displayed on-screen, even when only part ofthe circle is in the field of view.
measuring lines from the camera image.

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