Single Cross Hair Generator

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The JV Series JV1000B features adjustable electronic digital cross hairs and markers which are superimposed on the video image. All products feature digital circuitry and HCMOS logic for maximum stability, accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Applications include medical, manufacturing, quality control, PC board, and semiconductor

→ Accommodates RS-170 composite, Y/C (S-VHS) video signals
→ HCMOS logic
→ Color or black & white operation
→ Horizontal resolution up to 1/421 for RS-170 composite and Y/C (S-VHS) video
→ Vertical resolution up to 1/467
→ Battery backup
→ Software security lock
→ 12v dc camera power available from unit
→ Phase-locked to camera
→ Two-year warranty for all parts and labor
→ One-year warranty on all parts and labor
→ CCIR/PAL version available

Video Input RS170, NTSC
Video Output Unity gain, loop through
Power Input 15V dc, 600mA
Power Output  JV1000B & JV6000(T): 12V dc, 350mA; /-15% line and load - JVP: N/A
Resolution 421 (H) x 467 (V)
Matte  JV1000B & JV6000(T): Black to white and any shade of gray; - JVP: Black to white and three shades of gray
Line Type Selectable solid to serrated (N/A JV1500, JV3600, JV5000, JVP)
Dimensions JV1000B & JV6000(T): 5.875" W x 1.75" H x 8.625" D (149.23 W x 44.45 H x 219.08 D mm) - JVP: 7" W x 1" H front to 3.75" back x 6.5" D (177.8 W x 25.4 H front to 95.25 back x 165.12 D mm)
Weight  JV1000B & JV6000(T): 3 Ibs (1.36 kg)  JVP: 2 Ibs (.91 kg)
JVY/C JV1000BYC, JV2000YC, JV6000YC

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