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The SILICON VIDEO WGAC (color) and WGAM (monochrome) cameras provide up to 752 pixel by 480 line images with up to 10 bits of grey scale per pixel in a progressive scan format at frame rates from 60 frames per second or up to 1338 frames per second at reduced resolution. The area of interest and pixel clock are programmable to allow tradeoffs in image size and image quality against frame rate. The camera has a global shutter for exposures as short as 27 microseconds. The camera can be programmed for linear or companded modes of operation. Linear mode provides precise intensity and color control which provides better image quality. Companded mode, combined with automatic gain and automatic exposure, allows the camera to automatically respond to changing image illumination. Our software provides control of all camera operations.

The SVWGAC and SVWGAM cameras offer asynchronous capture to acquire an image (or images) in response to a trigger signal. The cameras have a strobe output signal to synchronize an LED strobe.

Optical Format 1/3-inch
Active Image Size 4.51mm(H) x 2.88mm(V) 5.35mm Diagonal
Active Pixels 752H x 480V
Pixel Size 6.0um x 6.0um
Color Filter Array Monochrome or Color RGB Bayer Pattern
Shutter Type Double-Buffered Global Shutter
Maximum Data Rate 324 Megabits per second
Master Clock 26.6 MHz
Full Resolution 752 x 480
Frame Rate 60 fps (at full resolution)
ADC Resolution 10-bit
Responsivity 4.8 Volts/Lux-sec (550nm)
Dynamic Range >55dB Linear >80dB-100dB in HiDy Mode
Supply Voltage 5 to 12 Volts
Power Consumption 320 mWatt at maximum data rate
Operating Temperature -30°C to 60°C
Camera Dimensions 2.50" L x 1.65" H x 0.81" D, 63.50mm L x 41.75mm H x 20.60mm D
Weight 1.4oz / 39 Grams


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