Macro Varon 4.5/85MM W/Splitter 25-1069837 Macro Lens System 16k High Resolution Lens

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Schneider Optics : 25-1069837

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The Schneider Optics  Macro Varon 45.5/85 with beam splitter (part number: 25-1069837) lens is designed to be used in line scan applications where coaxial illumination is required. The 60 mm beam splitter cube offers the opportunity to create an in-line illumination for high reflective objects. Coaxial illumination is ideal for demanding circuit boards and other high resolution applications where a bright, diffuse uniform illumination is needed. The Macro Varon 4.5/85 w/ Splitter lens offers a high optical performance at a 3.5x magnification over the entire field. 

The Macro Varon 4.5/85 w/ Splitter design considers the optical glass path of the high quality beam splitter to achieve a top performance. Lens and beam splitter assembly are precisely aligned to each other, so that a maximum of light is captured and directed to the image plane of 12 k cameras with 5µm pixel size, with almost no loss at the image edges.

Available for purchase without Splitter as MacroVaron 4.5/85

Available Configurations

Model Description Part number
Macro Varon 4.5/85   Line Scan Lens, specially deveopled for 12K line systems, Mag ß' = 0.5X - 2.0X 25-1072517
Macro Varon 4.5/85 w/ Splitter Line Scan Lens, Specially designed for 12K line systems, with 60mm beam splitter, Mag ß' = 3.5X  25-1069837


MacroVaron 4.5/85 w/ Splitter 25-1069837 features include:

- 3.5X Magnification over 62mm Image Circle
- 85mm focal length reduces the required Working Distance and decreases
  the size of imaging sub-systems
- Built-in iris-locking mechanism
- Robust mechanical design for high-vibration manufacturing environments

Specification MacroVaron 4.5/85 w/ Beam Splitter 25-1069837
Type -0017
Focal Length [mm] 85
Magnification -3.5
Image circle [mm] 62
Resolution [µm] -
F/# range 4.5 ... 8 
NA 0.03
Interface V38-Mount
Working distance [mm] 95
AoV [°] 9
Focus control manual
Transmission [nm] 400 - 1000
Filter thread [mm] -
Dimensions L x D [mm] 79.5 x 75.0
Weight [g] 410
Storage temperature [°C] -25 … +70
f‘eff [mm] 85.18
SF [mm] -68.85
S‘F‘ [mm] 64.36
HH‘ [mm] 3.13
β‘ P 1.037
SEP [mm] 48.28
S‘AP [mm] -24.20
Σd [mm] 40.28
ID/Part number 25-1069837


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