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Ensemble Designs : BE-75

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HD/SD Analog to Digital Video Converter

The Ensemble-Designs BrightEye 75 is an analog video to digital converter and audio embedder. Standard definition component or composite, or high definition analog component video is accepted on the input BNCs. Two channels of analog audio are input on a plugable Phoenix connector.

This unit is perfect for use with HD cameras or other devices with analog I/O. The digital output will carry the full, un-compressed input, synchronous to a genlock reference. You can turn a hand-held HD camera into a digital source. A three camera, live studio suddenly becomes affordable.

The built-in TBC/Frame Synchronizer allows you to feed asynchronous or noisy signals to the BrightEye 75. The input is digitized to 12 bits of resolution and time base corrected by a noise tolerant tracking circuit. An external reference input allows genlock to a house reference. Input selection, gain control, and TBC enable is provided through the front panel interface. Video levels can be adjusted through BrightEye Mac or PC software.

The video and audio signals are embedded and presented on a BNC. The output follows the SD or HD input standard.

→ Use with Analog HD Cameras and Set Top Boxes
→ Turn Analog Camera Into Digital HD Source
→ HD/SD Analog Inputs
→ Analog Audio Inputs
→ Serial Digital HD or SD Embedded Output
→ TBC and Frame SyncHD

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