HDTV 1080p H.264 Long Range Positioning System

By: Cohu
Rugged HD PTZ Surveillance Video Camera Solutions for Critical Infrastructure
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CohuHD's 8800HD series combines full HD image resolution with high powered HD performance lens optics for delivering unprecedented image quality and detail for long range surveillance applications in the visible spectrum.

By comparison, CohuHD's 8800HD series can deliver up to six times the resolution and detail of traditional standard definition long range camera systems.

In addition to the superior image quality and excellent long range zoom optic capabilities, the 8800HD series delivers video across standard network infrastructures, with H.264 image compression technology using fractions of the bandwidth traditional MPEG4 or MJPEG requires.

The 8800HD superior image quality is centered around a 1/2.7" CMOS 1080p30 progressive scan sensor. Image performance and color reproduction are superb even under challenging lighting conditions. In night mode, the camera enhances low light viewing by switching the IR (infrared) filter out of the optical path and providing a monochrome image. The camera switches from color to monochrome mode automatically by sensing the illumination level or by remote operator command. Image properties including exposure, gain, backlight and white balance are controlled automatically, or may be overridden for precise user adjustments as needed.

Long range surveillance is achieved by the integrated 55x HD quality zoom lens optics, with focal range from 12mm to 660mm. The lens includes a remotely controlled 2.55x extender which can be inserted in the optical path increasing the maximum focal range to 1680mm. Horizontal angular field of views as low as 0.2 degrees are possible with full zoom and extender inserted. The focus assist function insures crisp video with the touch of a button as scene views change.

The 8800HD series offers a standalone camera system or a fully integrated long range HD camera positioning system. The 8800HD camera positioner includes a variable hi-speed pan and tilt drive, 360O continuous pan (azimuth) and /- 30O tilt (elevation) movements. Manual control positioning speeds range from 0.05O to 45O per second, with preset speeds reaching a maximum 90O /sec, resulting in 180O movements in less than 3 seconds. Preset and directed absolute position movement accuracies are precise to within 0.05O, insuring camera views are on target.

The 8800HD provides a full function web server, allowing complete administrative and operator control capabilities. Administrative features include configuring network settings, user password assignments, setting video and streaming properties, defining camera positioning presets/tours, assigning camera ID labels.

The 8800HD is designed to operate in extreme weather, with its IP67 sealed and pressurized enclosure protection. This eliminates the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives. It is designed to operate in a broad temperature range, from winter in the Arctic to summer in the desert, with heaters and fans, and electrical and mechanical components that are rated for the full range.

The 8800HD Series will deliver years of reliable service and clean images. It is backed by a twoyear limited warranty.

→ Industry's first IP, high-definition long range camera
→ HD optical zoom of 137.5x
→ Narrow HAFOV of 0.2 degrees
→ Bore-sighted optics
→ Detect human sized targets out to 30 miles (48km)
→ H.264 encoder, web server built-in
→ Precision positioning movements
→ Designed for harsh environments

Sensor Type 1/2.7" CMOS
Scanning Mode Progressive
Active Pixels 1920 x 1080
Pixel Size 3um x 3um
Resolution/Frame Rate 1080p30
Shutter Rolling
S/N Ratio 39dB
Dynamic Range 69dB
Camera Format Day/Night, [Removable IR Filter]
Sensitivity Camera/Lens System [ f/4, 30% Video, Max Gain ]
0.23 fc, 2.25 lux, 1/30 Shutter
0.7 fc, 0.70 lux, 1/15 Shutter
0.035 fc, 0.35 lux, 1/8 Shutter
Sensor Faceplate [ 50% Video, 28db Gain ]
0.1 fc, 1.0 Lux, 1/30 Shutter
Back Focus Type: Remote Motorized Back Focus. Provides the ability to compensate for changes in lighting conditions. (i.e. Day / Night mode changes and IR Illumination)
Exposure Control Shutter: Auto / Manual [1/30 ~ 1/8,000]
Auto: Adjustable MIN / MAX Setting
Minimum Vlaue: 1/8, 1/15 or OFF (1/30)
Gain Control Auto: Adjustable MIN / MAX Levels
Manual: Selectable Fixed Gain Level; 0 ~ 36dB
Backlight Compensation On/Off with level adjust 1.0 to 3.0
White Balance Auto: 2800K~7500K
Manual: Adjustable Red / Blue (0-16384)
Image Configuration Properties Contrast: 0-100
Saturation: 0-100
Sharpness: 0-100
Hue: 0-100
Magnification 55x, with 2.5x Extender (137.5x with Extender Inserted)
Focal Length 12 ~ 660mm (30.5mm ~ 1680mm with extender inserted) ( /- 5%)
Aperture @ Focal Range 12mm: f/4.0 (wide)
660mm: f/7.2 (tele)
30.5mm: f/10.0 (wide - with extender inserted)
1680mm: f/18.2 (tele - with extender inserted)
Minimum Object Distance 23 Feet (7 meters)
Iris Control Auto with Manual Overide [Open/Close]
Focus Control One Shot Focus Assist: Optimum focus requires the scene to contain sufficient detail and contrast. The scene illumination must be sufficient to produce a minimum video level of at least 50%.
Manual Control [Near/Far]
Lens Speed [Slow, Medium, Fast]
Angular Fields Of View 12.0mm: 27.4°h x 15.7°v
660.0mm: 0.51°h x 0.29°v
1680.0mm: 0.20°h x 0.11°v (2.5x extender engaged)
Bore Sighting Without Extender: The Bore sighting shift from Narrow Angle (660mm @ 0.5°) to Wide Angle (12mm @ 27.4°) shall be less than ± 0.1 mRad per degree of the Horizontal Angle of View.
Pan Range 360 Degrees Continuous Rotation
Tilt Range /- 30 Degrees [Without Wiper]
Speed Resolution: 2,048 speeds (2047 plus stop)
Pan: Variable from 0.05° to 45° deg/sec
Tilt; Variable from 0.05° to 45° deg/sec
Pan Preset Speed: 180° in less than 3 seconds
Tilt Preset Speed: From up limit to down limit, or down limit to up limit in less than 3 seconds.
Repeatability Pan: /- 0.06 degree precision
Tilt: /- 0.06 degree precision
Weight: (Shipped in Separate Containers) Camera: 40 lbs (18.1 kg)
Positoner: 40 lbs (18.1 kg)
Dimensions: inches [cm] Camera: 32 x 13 x 16 [81.3 x 33 x 40.6]
Positoner: 21 x 17 x 25 [53.3 x 43.1 x 63.5]



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