16 Channel Standalone DVR

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AVUE's ADR8116ME model 16 channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is designed specially for CCTV system. It adopts high performance video processing chips and embedded Linux system. Meanwhile, it utilizes many most advanced technologies, such as H.264 video encoding and decoding technologies delivering high performance rock-solid reliability and longer recording times with low bit rate, Dual stream, SATA interface, VGA output mouse supported, Major browsers such as (IE, Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome) are supported with full remote control, Mobile view (by phones), etc., which ensure its powerful functions and high stability. It can be used as a standalone video surveillance product, as well as to build up a powerful surveillance network. Due to these distinctive characteristics, it is widely used in banks, telecommunication, transportation, factories, warehouse, irrigation and so on.

ADR8116ME features include:

→ PAL/NTSC adaptive video inputs.
→ H.264 video compression with high reliability and superior definition.
→ OggVorbis audio compression standard.
→ Independent video encoding parameters, including frame rate, resolution, bit rate, video quality, etc.
→ Scheduled and event recording parameters configurable for per individual camera.
→ Support dual stream.
→ Encoding for both audio/video composite stream and video stream; audio and video synchronization during composite stream encoding.
→ Compression, storage and network transmission of video image at 4CIF or CIF resolution.

Local Monitoring:
→ Up to 1024 × 768 resolution for VGA output display.
→ Simultaneous VGA and CVBS output.
→ 1/4/9/16-camera video live view, with the camera order adjustable.
→ Group switch, manual switch and automatic cycle modes selectable for video live view, with the auto cycle period configurable.
→ Digital zoom in live view mode.
→ Shield of assigned channel for live view.
→ Privacy masking capability.
→ Multiple PTZ protocols supported, and settings and callup of presets, patrols and patterns.
→ Video image zoom-in by clicking the mouse and tracing by dragging mouse in PTZ control mode.

Hard Disk Management:
→ Connection to 2 SATA hard disks supported, with up to 2TB storage capacity.
→ S. M. A. R. T technology.
→ HDD standby function.
→ HDD file system is compatible with Windows. Use pre-allocating hard disk management technology, and no disk fragments.

→ Cycle and non-cycle recording mode.
→ Scheduled and event video encoding parameters.
→ Multiple recording types, including manual, continuous, alarm, motion, motion | alarm and motion & alarm recording, etc.
→ 8 recording time periods with separate recording types.
→ Pre-record and Post-record time for alarm and motion detection, and pre-record time for schedule and manual recording.
→ Lock and unlock of video files.
→ HDD property can be set to read-only.
→ Video data search and playback by channel number, recording type, time etc.
→ Digital zoom function in playback mode.
→ Pause, play fast, play slow, skip forward, and skip backward when playback, locating in progress bar by dragging the mouse.
→ 4-channel synchronous playback.

→ Record files backed up via USB or SATA device.
→ Bunch backup by file or by time.
→ Record files edited for backup in playback.
→ Management and maintenance for backup devices.

Alarm & Exception:
→ Configurable arming time for alarm in/out.
→ Various alarm types supported: alarms for video loss, motion detection, video tempering, video in/out format unmatched, illegal access, network disconnection, IP conflict, hard disk error and hard disk full.
→ Various alarm response actions supported: camera recording, relay out, on-screen warning, audible warning and upload to center, etc.
→ Auto recovery from exceptions.

→ Control of DVR via front panel keys, mouse, and IR remote control.
→ Three-level user management, each user with individual operating permission for DVR and camera.
→ Powerful record and search for log of operation, alarm and exceptions.
→ Import/export of device configuration files.

→ 10/100M adaptive network interface.
→ TCP/IP protocol suites, PPPoE, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, SADP protocols, etc.
→ Unicast and multicast supported; TCP and UDP protocols applicable in unicast transmission.
→ Remote search, playback and download, lock/unlock of video files.
→ Support breakpoint resume.
→ Remote access and configuration of parameters; remote import/export of device configuration parameters.
→ Remote access of device running status, system log and alarm status.
→ Remote control of DVR via button operation.
→ Remote lock/unlock of panel buttons and mouse.
→ Remote formatting of hard disk, upgrade, reboot/shutdown and other system maintenance operations.
→ RS-232 and RS -485 transparent channel transmission.
→ Event alarm and exceptions upload to remote management host.
→ Remote manual recording.
→ Remote video image capture in JPEG format.
→ Remote PTZ control.
→ Voice talk and broadcast.
→ Built-in WEB Server.

Compression format Standard H.264
Video input Composite: BNC×16
Video output Composite: BNC×2, VGAX1
Audio input RCA X 4
Audio output RCA X 1
Alarm input NO or NC 16CH
Alarm output Relay out 1CH
Display Resolution CVBS: 720*576(PAL), 720*480(NTSC)
VGA: 1280*1024
Record Resolution 352*288(CIF), 704*576(D1) (PAL)
352*240(CIF), 704*480(D1) (NTSC)
Display Frame Rate 400FPS (PAL)
Record Frame Rate 400FPS-CIF, 100FPS-D1 (PAL)
480FPS-CIF, 120FPS-D1 (NTSC)
Playback Max. 16 channel
Record Mode Manual/Timer/Motion detection/Sensor
Triplex/Pentaplex Pentaplex
Remote access IE / Firefox / Apple Safari /Google Chrome / Smart phone / CMS
Dual-stream Individual Network video stream and local recording stream, set separately
Network Interface RJ45 10/100M Self-adaptive
Communication interface RS485 x 2(For PTZ and keyboard), USB2.0 x 2
Hard disk info SATA X 2
Backup media Network, USB drive, DVD-RW
Control interface Mouse, Front panel, Remote control, Keyboard
Dimension 430 mm X 300 mm X 55 mm
Power supply DC 12V


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.