RS-232C Control Unit for REMOTE SET-UP of the ICD-809,ICD-879, or ISD-A21

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The Ikegami RSU-871 is a remote control device for remote set-up of CCTV ICD series cameras. This remote control operates via the RS-232 protocol.

RSU-871 features include:

  • RS-232C interface compatible Compatible with the RS-232C which is the most popular communication interface, the adapter is suitable for any systems.
  • Single coaxial cable It is not necessary to use an extra cable between the RSU-871 and a camera. Just a single coaxial cable permits simple setting.
  • Max. cable length 500m Because the RSU-871 is equipped with a compensation amplifier, the maximum cable length between the RSU-871 and a camera is 500m by a single SC-2V coaxial cable.
  • Compact Small and light-weight, the adapter can also be installed in a camera housing or terminal box.
  • Applicable cameras ICD-870/870P / ICD-703/703P / ICD-374AC/DC (The ICD-700/700P are not applicable with the RSU-871.)

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