1/2.7" 3.1-9mm, F1.3, CS-Mount, 3MP Plus, IR-Corrected, DC Auto-iris

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The Kowa LMVZ3109A-IR is a DC auto-iris megapixel lens with IR correction to ensure a smooth transition from day to night lighting conditions without having to manually adjust the focus. The LMVZ3109A-IR also uses Kowa's 3-CAM design, which solves de-centering issues common in pole system lenses and reduces internal reflection. With a wide angle focal length range and high resolution, LMVZ3109A-IR is ideal for any application that requires a clear picture and a large field of view

Specifications for the LMVZ3109A-IR
Focal Length 3.1 - 9mm (2.9x)
Focal Length Sort Order 003.1
Lens Type Varifocal
Image Size 1/2.7"
Iris Range (F-Stop) F1.3 - 360
Focusing Range 0.5m
Front/Rear Effective Diameter Front Φ23.3mm / Rear Φ8.2mm
Mount CS-mount
Weight 70g

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