Camera/Lens Assembly for High-speed Positioning System

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Bosch : UPH-C630N-L8585

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The Bosch UPH-C630N-L8585 Camera/Lens Assembly for High-speed Positioning System consists of an LTC 0630 Dinion 2X Day/Night Camera and an LTC 3783/51 Zoom Lens. The LTC 0630 has a 1/2" CCD sensor, and provides clear images at a resolution of up to 540TVL. The 20-bit digital signal processing increases sensitivity, and XF Dynamic extends the dynamic range, making for sharp, detailed imagery with accuracy in color reproduction. Dinion2X enhances the information present in the image even with strong backlighting. With 6 pre-programmed modes, the Day/Night Camera supports typical applications, and the modes can also be programmed for individual requirements. The Bilinx technology allows you to change the camera settings, check status, and update firmware from anywhere via the coaxial cable. The technology uses the standard video cable to transmit alarm and status messages, improving the overall performance of the camera and reducing the service/installation time.

UPH-C630N-L8585 features include:

  • 1/2" CCD sensor
  • Resolution up to 540TVL
  • 20-bit digital signal processing increases sensitivity and 2X-Dynamic extends the dynamic range
  • Bilinx Technology reduces set-up and installation time, which results in error-free setup and adjustment
  • Offers clear images even in low light conditions by increasing the IR sensitivity
  • Usual applications are supported by 6 pre-programmed modes that can also be programmed for individual requirements
  • Default Shutter enables the Dinion Camera to capture high speed moving objects when sufficient light is available
  • SensUp Dynamic feature improves the sensitivity by increasing the integration time up to 10 times on the CCD, providing clear images in low lighting conditions
  • On motion detection enables the camera to display an alarm in the video signal, closes the output relay or transmits an alarm message via Bilinx
  • Global scene change detector reduces false alarms that can be caused by sudden changes in lighting condition - for instance, switching on or off the indoor or security lighting
  • Auto Black switch caps the lens to exclude all light and automatically sets the camera’s circuitry to produce a standard black reference level
  • SmartBLC feature adjusts video gain to correct the exposure when the object being captured is in front of a bright light source
  • Wide Dynamic Range provides clear images even under varying levels of intensity - where there are both very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the field of view of the camera
  • Privacy Masking feature with 4 separate programmable privacy zones can be used to block specific parts of a scene
  • Multi-language On-screen Display power and alarm connections, and a built-in test pattern generator, makes it easy to install this camera
  • LensWizard detects lens type automatically and helps maintain accurate lens focus
  • Suitable for applications such as tunnels, parking lots, prisons, ports, military facilities, casinos, and gambling centers
  • Focal length of 8.5-85 mm,
  • 10x zoom
  • IR-corrected for easy switching between color and B&W as per changes in ambient lighting
  • Pre-positioning settings
  • Supports 1/2” image format
  • Enables the camera to deliver crisp picture quality
  • Zoom lens is of C-mount type
  • 4-pin standard plug
  • Iris control range of F1.6-360
Input Voltage  
Standard System 24 VAC
IR 360 System 24 VAC
Power Draw (max.)  
Standard System 5 A
IR 360 System 8 A
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Integrated Housing Input Thermostat heater, 24 VAC, 20 W max.
Camera Input 12 VDC, 800 mA
Lens Input +6 to +15 VDC, 200 mA
Wiper (optional) Input 24 VAC, 400 mA
Illuminator (optional) Input 24 VAC, 2 A + 2 A max.
Tour Control Autopan; Preset; Patrol
Presets 250 selectable (max. 99 via keyboard)
Preset / Area Names 20-character string

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